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Born Gosu

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[e][h]Born Gosu
Team Information
Team Captain:
Matthew "Yeezus" Quick
2011-06-15 – Organization founding


BornGosu is a passionate community of nerd ballers, united by the greatest game on earth, StarCraft. The team is diverse and mature, having evolved throughout the life of SC2. BornGosu originated 2011 as a professional team, but disbanded in 2012. The team was brought back to life in 2014 by original member Matt (Yeezus – captain). BornGosu now focuses primarily on CTL while developing current members and attracting new members for more competitive events such as Alpha Team League, Validity Team League, All-In The Nydus, clan wars, and other competitive forums.

BornGosu is one of the most successful team competing in the Chobo Team League (CTL). The team has three championships, one participation in the final and nine consecutive playoffs participations. Team members range in age from 15 to 30-something, but are primarily college-aged. The team is highly diverse with members split between NA and EU coming from all walks of life ranging from students to military. BornGosu consists of approximately 100 members, with approximately 30 members regularly competing in CTL. The clan is primarily focused on SC2, with members of all skill levels regularly looking for custom games, practice games, peepmode, and internal weekly events. However, the team also enjoys other games, such as League of Legends, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Destiny 2 or the occasional Left for Dead 2 on a Friday night.

What makes BornGosu such a great community is the maturity of the clan. We enjoy our memes and debauchery, but we dedicate jokes and spoilers to a specific Discord channel, to keep our general and team league channels for constructive StarCraft conversations or general conversations. Our general chat is a place for conversation about StarCraft or anything else on the mind of members. BornGosu is a great clan for players, tryhards and casuals. Everyone who has joined and been active has found great improvement in their play and enjoyed a better gaming experience. BornGosu is an excellent place to meet and connect with passionate StarCraft fans. We hope you will join us and find out what it is like being a part of this passionate and diverse clan for yourself.


usUSA p Yeezus ()
gbUnited Kingdom p Akashi
phPhilippines p AsheN
seSweden p Chopin
usUSA p Colttarren
clChile p DarkTemplary
mxMexico p DarthJulius
auAustralia p Dracover
arArgentina p Firkrag
esSpain p Hillnor
idIndonesia p Kenny
usUSA p MaherVelous
caCanada p MegaBambi
roRomania p Paul
usUSA p Platypus
chSwitzerland p Qlimax
plPoland p rafcio
usUSA p Rikkirose
usUSA p Spork
usUSA p Tokenz
usUSA p Xeladragn
gbUnited Kingdom z Althalos
usUSA z Aster
deGermany z Ayubo
usUSA z Daxon
deGermany z Desperoth
usUSA z FuriousStyleS
auAustralia z Garbage
ff z HeatedStove
caCanada z Huntedswarm
ff z Kenyu
ff z Khaosgr3nade
mxMexico z KingOfRage
usUSA z KingSauCeBo$$
ff z LeonRevon
clChile z Marte
deGermany z Miyamori
auAustralia z Perodious
usUSA z PsyRex
ukUnited Kingdom z Quaterno
usUSA z Rajj
caCanada z Seireitei
frFrance z Shask
ff z StormKhroh
idIndonesia z The2ndDroid
usUSA z Treetop
noNorway z Wito
ltLithuania t Caesar
usUSA t Duhza
saSaudi Arabia t FrostThrone
caCanada t Greenert
plPoland t Heisswasser
auAustralia t Hyperwes
czCzech Republic t Kravaros
ukUnited Kingdom t LucidityDark
usUSA t PatSie
nzNew Zealand t Pizza
euEurope t Poehalcho
usUSA t Rexsor
roRomania t Rook
usUSA t ShineKO
inIndia t Tanay
ruRussia t Ulken
usUSA r Humoresque
usUSA r yeE


Admins Position
USA Yeezus Clan Founder / CTL Captain
Philippines AsheN CTL Co Captain
USA SauCeKinG Internal PR / Hype man / Advisor
USA Psyrex ATL Co-captain
Germany Desperoth VTL Captain
United Kingdom Quaterno All-inTheNydus EU Captain / Committee Liaison
USA Colttarren ATL Captain / Main Casting Organizer
Poland Heisswasser Nydus EU Co-captain
Committee Position
Romania Danisapancake VTL Co-captain / Committee member / Main Tournament Organizer
United Kingdom Akashi Committee member
Europe Poehalcho Committee member
Canada Seireitei Committee member
Saudi Arabia FrostThrone Committee member

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result Prize
2018-04-28 1st Chobo Team League Season 18 Born Gosu 5 : 2 Formless Bearsloths -
2018-03-18 3-4th Validity Star League Season 1 Born Gosu 3 : 4 Ris3n Community -
2017-07-31 2nd Chobo Team League Season 16 Born Gosu 1 : 6 The Confederation -
2017-03-26 1st Chobo Team League Season 15 Born Gosu 4 : 3 All-Inspiration -
2016-10-30 4th Chobo Team League Season 14 Born Gosu 3 : 4 Formless Bearsloths -
2016-07-17 4th Chobo Team League Season 13 Born Gosu 3 : 4 LiT eSports -
2016-04-24 1st Chobo Team League Season 12 Born Gosu 5 : 2 LiT eSports -
2015-11-22 5th Chobo Team League Season 11 Born Gosu 2 : 4 All-Inspiration -

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