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User:Nakajin/Greatest of all time pool

[e][h]Team Liquid Greatest of all time poll
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128 players poll
Prize pool:
Eternal bragging right
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The Greatest of all time poll is a community contest run on Team Liquid to find out who's the Greatest Starcraft 2 player of all time as decided by the Team Liquid community. Every "match" is a poll hosted in the Team Liquid thread open to anyone, the winner of each match is decided by the number of vote he or she got. The winner of the contest is crown the Greatest Player of All Time.

Criteria on what makes a player great and the basis for their choice are entirely up to the voters.


Player are chosen exclusively on the basis of their performances in premier championships as listed on the liquipedia premier tournaments page , with the exception of eight wildcard players to fill up the bracket, chosen at the organizer discretion.

Players who have been convicted of match fixing are disqualify and the tournaments they won are considered without winners.

If during the duration of the contest a player that isn't in the players list win or reach a final of a premier tournament, they will take the place of a random wild card player whom group has not yet gotten vote on. There will be no change to the line-up of players after the end of the group stage.

Player will not be reseeded after the start of the tournament even if they improved their number of tournaments wins or finals appearances.

Group stage[edit]

Voters chose 2 players they want to advance of the group, the two players with the most votes goes to the round of 64. The votes are counted individually, it is not the most popular option that goes through but the players with the most votes.

In the situation:

  • AB=4
  • AC=2
  • AD=5
  • BC=2
  • BD=1
  • CD=0

Player A (11 votes) and B (7 votes) goes through and D (6 votes) is eliminated.

In case of a 2, 3 or 4 way tie the winner(s) is chosen by a random draw. In case of a draw between the first and second place finishers the initial seeding prevail if applicable, if not a random draw separate them.

Players are put in groups according to their seeding, the first seeds are dispose randomly in the groups 1 to 16, the second seeds in the groups 17 to 32 and the third and fourth seeds are place in any groups. Each group must be formed of one first or second seed player, one third seed player and two fourth seed players.

Single elimination bracket[edit]

Players coming first of the groups 1 to 16 are given the spots 1 to 16 in the round of 64 bracket. Players coming first of the groups 17 to 32 are given the spots 17 to 32 in the round of 64 bracket. Players coming second of the groups are randomly given the spots 33 to 64 in the round of 64 as long as they are on the opposite side of the bracket of their group stage opponent.

Each "match" is a poll between the two players, the player with the most vote wins. In case of a tie a random draw decide the winner. Starting in the round of 16 there can no longer be any draws, in case of a tie an extra 24 hours is given to the poll until the tie is broken.

Prize Pool[edit]


Protoss Protoss (44) Terran Terran (41) Zerg Zerg (43)
First seed (16) 1
South Korea HerO South Korea TaeJa South Korea Solar
South Korea herO South Korea INnoVation Finland Serral
South Korea Rain South Korea Bomber
South Korea MC South Korea Polt
South Korea PartinG South Korea MMA
South Korea Zest South Korea Maru
South Korea sOs South Korea Mvp
Second seed (16) 2
South Korea Classic South Korea PuMa South Korea DongRaeGu
USA Neeb South Korea ByuN South Korea Leenock
South Korea Stats South Korea soO
Canada HuK South Korea Dark
South Korea NesTea
Poland Nerchio
South Korea HyuN
South Korea Rogue
South Korea Jaedong
France Stephano
Third seed (32) 3
Poland MaNa South Korea MarineKing Norway Snute
South Korea First South Korea aLive South Korea Curious
Netherlands Harstem South Korea GuMiho South Korea Hydra
South Korea StarDust South Korea Flash South Korea viOLet
Sweden NaNiwa South Korea jjakji South Korea Soulkey
France Lilbow Sweden ThorZaIN South Korea TRUE
South Korea Creator South Korea ForGG USA IdrA
South Korea Trap South Korea TY Ukraine DIMAGA
Germany ShoWTimE Sweden MorroW South Korea FruitDealer
South Korea San Canada Scarlett
South Korea Dear South Korea Revival
South Korea Genius
Fourth seed (64) 4
South Korea Seed Sweden Jinro Italy Reynor
France Adelscott South Korea Dream South Korea Losira
South Korea Squirtle South Korea Rainbow China XiGua
Netherlands Grubby Finland Naama Taiwan Sen
South Korea Oz Brazil Kelazhur 5 South Korea Sniper
South Korea Patience Peru Fenix South Korea RorO
Ukraine White-Ra South Korea Ryung 5 Netherlands Ret
China Jim 5 South Korea Sound South Korea Symbol
South Korea Pigbaby Netherlands uThermal Spain VortiX
South Korea Sora Mexico SpeCial 5 South Korea Impact
France PtitDrogo South Korea Cure South Korea July
Taiwan Has South Korea NaDa 5 France FireCake
Canada KiWiKaKi South Korea SuperNova South Korea Lucky
South Korea Alicia South Korea Heart Poland Elazer
South Korea InCa South Korea Rain South Korea CoCa
Canada TT1 Sweden SjoW South Korea Sacsri
South Korea Ace USA qxc South Korea Moon
Finland elfi South Korea BoxeR 5 Ukraine Bly
South Korea YongHwa South Korea Sting South Korea ByuL
South Korea duckdeok South Korea TOP China iAsonu5
South Korea MyuNgSiK5 France MarineLorD
South Korea SeleCT
China Loner

1 Players with 5 or more premiers championships.
2 Players with 3 or 4 premiers championships or two championship and multiples finals appearances
3 Players with 2 premiers championships or one championships and multiple or major finals appearances
4 Players with a single premier championship wins or any finals appearances
5 Wild card players without any premiers finals appearances


Final 8 bracket[edit]

 South Korea TaeJa
 South Korea INnoVation
 South Korea soO
 South Korea NesTea
 South Korea Maru
 South Korea Stats
 South Korea Zest
 South Korea Mvp
 South Korea INnoVation
 South Korea soO
 South Korea Maru
 South Korea Mvp
 South Korea INnoVation
 South Korea Maru
3rd Place Match
 South Korea soO
 South Korea Mvp

Racial Distribution[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Round of 128
Round of 64
Round of 32
Round of 16
Final Match

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