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User:Rapidconcord/Team Apple Shark

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[e][h]Team Apple Shark
Team Information
Even "Colt" Slungård Sondre "Araneae" Hegdal
Team Captain:
Even "Colt" Slungård
Team Earnings:
$0 USD
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:



  • November, The team is formed and recruits their initial players. Araneae and Colt forms the team and soon Yaeger, Kappekoff and Temu joins.
  • November, It is rumored that the team was very racist in their early days and recruited only terran players, this is highly suspicious, however remain unconfirmed.
  • December 6, The team captains Araneae and Colt wins a whopping 250 nok and t-shirts from the archon mode challenge cup


  • January Celadan the first non terran except the founder joins as the teams one black-friend to fend off racism claims.
  • January 14, The team registrers to play in the Norwegian Telenor Teamligaen. The Team finishes last after a heartbreaking 3-2 loss to rivals Team Happy People
  • January 30, The team plays their first match in the SC2Improve Team League S6 with erL strenghtening the terran lineup. The team enters Division 3 Group A.
  • June-July, The team narrowly does not make the playoffs and after dissapointing results captain Colt is dishorobaly discharged and exiled to Japan.
  • August, erL betrays the team and leaves for ApecEsports
  • NCL-Offseason, Naive Zerg, TAS, KnasKnas and MediuM joins


  • January 25, The team signs up for a new season of NCL with additions, Bemnex, Skruffy, Komodovaran and Reaver none of these were terran and the team escapes the racist stamp of their early days
  • March, The team inhabits the number 1 spot on the NCL table after half the matches are played.
  • April, 2nd in regular season the team falls short in the semi finals of the knock out rounds and finishes NCL 3rd, a significant improvement over last place last season.
  • February-April, After a second place finish in the group stage the team is seeded into the semi-finals and loses, after their goal of reaching the finals Temu takes drastic measures in retrieving the exiled captain Colt from Japan after a joint one week bootcamp in Korea.
  • April, failing to post results Colt is once again exiled and never to be seen on the Eu ladder. Rumors have it you can still hear his screams: "Zerg imba"


  • January/February, Roster Changes for the new season of NCL sees ezeth join the squad with Emperor join as a mercenary and kappekoff part ways with the team.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Leauge
NoNorway p Colt Even Slungård CDiamond
NoNorway z Araneae Sondre Hegdal CDiamond
NoNorway t Yaeger Eivind Kvaale CDiamond
NoNorway t Temu John Haugnæss B Master (real skill= CBronze )
NoNorway t XzOz Rune Etellerannet CDiamond
NoNorway z Celadan Jens Tallaksen B Master
NoNorway p MediuM B Master
NoNorway r KnasKnas B Diamond
NoNorway z NaiveZerg B Master
NoNorway p TAS B Diamond
NoNorway z Bemnex B Master
NoNorway p Reaver B Master
NoNorway z Skruffy Vegard Tenold B Grandmaster
NoNorway z Komodovaran Pål Sjølsvik B Diamond
NoNorway z Ezeth B Master

Honorary Member[edit]

ID Name Leauge
NoNorway p NgtvHoldning Øystein Berg Legit CGrandmaster
NoNorway t erL Erlend CDiamond
NoNorway p Emperor Markus Løtveit CMaster