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Sandshrew is a 16 years old top masters terran player from Sweden that is currently playing for Karnage eSports.

[e][h] Sandshrew
Player Information
Gabriel Gessle
August 5, 1997 (age 24)
Alternate IDs:
xpVirus, Mew, Ditto, Deoxys


When Sandshrew was younger he played a lot of WoW and CoD. He started playing WoW since about one year after its release, and started playing CoD not long after. But he mostly played CoD just due to his friends playing it (so it was because of peer pressure). He ended up not playing it that much, but instead focused on editing CoD videos on Youtube. So in reality, he had no RTS experience whatsoever when he first started playing SC2.

Sandshrew started playing SC2 just a Little bit after its release. He had never heard of the Starcraft series prior to when his friend from Poland asked him if he had ever tried this new game that had just come out. So he ended up buying it, and his friend became his coach for the first months of him owning the game. The first strategy that he learnt was going mass reapers in 2v2's, which he still does in 1v1's today.

When he first started playing on the ladder he ended up in silver League (and have thus never been in bronze). When he first started getting into ranked play he was a zerg player, but once he got into masters League he switched to terran. He has never really grinded games in SC2, and in the early stages of owning the game Sandshrew focused more on 2v2's with his friends than anything else. After only 250-300 1v1 wins, he got into masters League! He still doesn't have any 1000 wins portrait, but have started to play a lot more recently, so he'll get there soon enough! Starcraft 2 is the first video game where he has competed in offline events. Competing in many major Swedish LANs and qualifiers, he is quickly becoming a popular Swedish player.

He started playing HotS while it was still in beta, and ended up doing a lot of crazy stuff builds that he still uses up to this day. Once HotS was released, he was getting a lot more committed to getting much better at the game that he loves.

The person that he looks up to the most is MarineKing. He says that he's his favourite player due to his micro, and his innovative play. "I've Always seen it as my goal to surpass him, so that gives me motivation to keep improving", Gabriel "Sandshrew" Gessle says.

The SC2 teams he has been in during his lifetime is: Team Xperience, EchO Gaming, Team oGaming and the team he's currently in, No Dice Gaming.

Team oGaming affected him in the sense that it felt like a much more organized team than EchO Gaming. "EchO was my favourite team though, and Always will be", he says. He says that they were alot like a family, and had grown great bonds with eachothers. He mentions that he's still very sad that it disbanded. Team oGaming made him realize how it was to be in a little bit more of a organized and bigger organization.

"No Dice Gaming is amazing!", he says. He says that the players are really starting to get to know each other well. He also mentions that practice partners are really easy to find, or if you're just feeling lonely there is always someone you can talk to. He Thinks that NDG has a really good practice enviroment if you're looking to improve! He also says that the team is very organized.

His first goal is to get Grandmasters League on the European server, and after that he tells me that he most likely will attend a lot more tournaments, and his goal is to get a lot of good results.


  • He loves pandas
  • Very rarely plays mech
  • Known for being a cheeser at the end of his zerg career
  • Was referred to as Tang JR by the zerg community over at r/allthingszerg
  • Was a decently well known Call of Duty Editor
  • Is the son of a very famous artist - Per Gessle (lead singer in the band Roxette)