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[e][h] KiiiA
Player Information
Landon Williams
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Team Razer,Twitch
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Currently Not Posting
2015-08-01 — 2016-11-16
2016-11-16 — 2020-07-26
2020-07-26 — Present


I Saw Someone play starcraft for the first time in 1996 it was a beta release due to the fact that his uncle had an Eight person Lan of Warcraft 2 and was a core tester for the Lan portion of Starcraft this is when I started my love for the game

-- ( More Info To Come ) --

My mother bought my 1st copy of the game October 1998, I was So happy..

-- ( More Info To Come)

-- In 2oo8 My Son Was Born So I Put down the Keyboard and Became a Father, -- -- In 2oo9 I was Granted an Early access to Sc2, So I Came back to Enjoy The game I Loved So MuCh Just as a Hobby, -- In 2o13 i was Forced to Put down the keyboard and get things in order -- in 2o15 Lotv was Announced -- ( MORE KNOWLEDGE TO COME )

How I Came to Name MySelf KiiiA; One day After doing research I came across µ-Conotoxin KIIIA ... and this fit my Sc2 Personality so I decided this would Fit...


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