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Hi, I'm Kevin Chang. I take ESPORTS photos for TL. It's easiest to contact me via Twitter, but a PM usually works, too.

ESPORTS Photography[edit]


2011 MLG Providence[edit]

North American Star League Season 2[edit]


2012 MLG Winter Championship[edit]

IGN ProLeague Season 4/Main Tournament[edit]

2012 MLG Spring Championship[edit]

North American Star League Season 3[edit]

IPL Team Arena Challenge 3[edit]

2012 MLG Summer Championship[edit]

2012 MLG Fall Championship[edit]

IGN ProLeague Season 5[edit]

North American Star League Season 4[edit]


2013 MLG Winter Championship[edit]

2013 MLG Spring Championship[edit]

2013 WCS Season 3[edit]

2013 WCS Grand Finals[edit]


2014 MLG Anaheim[edit]

2014 WCS Global Finals[edit]

IEM Season IX - San Jose[edit]


IEM Season X - San Jose[edit]

LCS All-Star Los Angeles 2015[edit]


LCS NA 2016 Spring Finals[edit]

LCS NA 2016 Summer Finals[edit]


All photos up through 2016-Aug-29 are released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license unless otherwise noted. Please contact me for additional licensing options if you need a photo for something incompatible with Creative Commons licensing.

All photos are released with ©Kevin Chang, All Rights Reserved. Express written permission is granted to Team Liquid to use released photos for editorial purposes.

Examples of suggested BY-SA compatible attribution are: KEVIN CHANG/Team Liquid OR Kevin Chang for Team Liquid


  • Twitter: @silverfire
  • TL Profile: silverfire
  • Email: Available by request—contact me on Twitter or PM me on TL
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