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[e][h] EggY
Player Information
Sebastian Swierad
Sponsored by:
Alternate IDs:
PolishCheese, PolskA
2012-02-15 - 2012-12-12
2012-12-15 – 2013-7-15


Sebastian "EggY" Swierad started playing SC2 about 7 months into release. EggY comes has played strategy games for most of his life, spending 10 years of his competitive gaming career in the Pokemon Trading Card game field, where he was ranked one of the best players in Canada and top 40 in the world at his peak. Over the 10 years at Pokemon he had a total gross earning of $13,000+ in tournament prizes and rewards. He attended 6 World Championships each of which he missed the top cut. EggY achieved Master League status after 5 1/2 months of playing starting off in Bronze 1v1 in Starcraft 2: Wing of Liberty. He trained for a long time on the Korean server before returning to the North American ladder where he reached win percentages of 65% and above.

EggY stopped playing in October 2013, has move onto playing Professional Hearthstone for ROOT Gaming.


Placement Event Result Player Prize
A55th Toronto Open Cup #1 0 : 2  SlaineD $0
A66th Toronto Elite Series Season 1 0 : 2  MaSa $40
A22nd Toronto Elite Series Showmatch 0 : 4  Hendralisk $50
A11st Toronto Elite Series Qualfier 4 : 3  Penguin $50
A22nd Toronto Gamenation LAN 3 : 1  BaekHo $100