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Team Liquid'[edit]

Team Information
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Picon.png 2
Ticon.png 2
Zicon.png 1


Team Liquid' is one of the most historic Starcraft Clans, created all the way back in 2000. Two years later it gave birth to the community website With the start of the Starcraft 2 beta, new members were recruited and the team re-entered the competitive scene.


Team Liquid' was created in the end of 2000, by Liquid'Nazgul having members like Liquid`Meat, Drone, Froz, Satanik, Daaman and many more players that helped shape the early SC:BW scene. In 2001 their first website was created, some of which has been preserved here. On September 22nd 2002 the website was moved to where it has stayed and constantly grown since.

Team Liquid' eventually became inactive in terms of competitive gaming until the addition of Nony in 2008[1].

With the start of the Starcraft 2 Beta, top players Jinro and TLO[2] joined the team, followed by Haypro shortly thereafter[3].

On July 26th 2010, the team's new sponsor The Little App Factory was announced [4] and Liquid' became a fully fledged professional team.

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