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TwelfthDoc is a moderator for OneMoreGameTV, djWHEAT and Day(9). Previous work includes the Live On Three Episode #100 Tribute Video and the Kings of Tin Drinking Game Rules.

An avid gamer and follower of eSports, TwelfthDoc first participated actively in the StarCraft community during Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VI and later in Kings of Tin, where he reinvented the drinking game used in earlier episodes. Since then he has made his name as a moderator and part-time caster; and continues to actively engage with the community, making his voice heard especially on his Twitter feed. Recently, he has also started appearing on Live On Three to tally the points djWHEAT, SirScoots and Slasher receive, for making accurate predictions of tournament results. The predictions and points can be found over on another Twitter account he manages, LO3Predicts.

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