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Atlantic Canadian Starcraft Society Team Page[edit]

I wanted to know if information added allowed us to be moved from my username.?

Starcraft Norge[edit]

I assume you moved the Starcraft Norge site under my username because I did not provide a source to the official organization. I have done provided a source to the Norwegian registry proving our existence, and we would like the site to be moved back to where I intended it, if possible. Am I missing something more?

  • Hi, there are some guidelines to follow to add orgs on Liquipedia and you can check them here. It will be possible to move it to main space if/when the org will fit the requirements. If you have further questions, jump in our Discord Server so we can talk more easily. -- CynicalDeath

Risen Competitive's Team Page[edit]

Could I know why you moved our team page under my username?!
Thank you -- User:Eternitygames/TVZ

  • Hi!
    Both the TVZ Player page and the Risen Competitive Team page were moved to your userspace because they are not notable enough to be added to the main space. You can find the guidelines for players here and for teams here. -- CynicalDeath

Polygon Invitational Pages[edit]

Thanks for cleaning those up, I love your changes!

About Patience and Ryung[edit]

We didn't know they only play in spl or in other Korean tournaments. MMA was only both in two teams at the same time because he also played for SBENU in GSL and SSL. -- Thickertom

About SSL Stream Link[edit]

Please dont change , Media pathner DingIT |stream=ssl_en DOES wordk, and liunks to -- Ryan Park

  • The page had to be almost entirely reworked for the official new format and schedule announcement. Btw offical Azubu stream is more accessible than DingIt one (standard stream vs need of an extension) -- CynicalDeath

About DH Austin Latin Qualifier[edit]

Hi! Are you going to fill the whole DH Austin page? I see that you reduced the bracket to a Ro16, but it was a Ro32 with 24 players on it. -- Sinistro

  • Since the players were only 22, the Ro32 would have been more BYEs than players so I thought it was better to reduce it to a 16DE like I've seen it done often in this case.
    If however you think I should not have done like this I can re-do the brackets in the 32DE format with no problems, just let me know. -- CynicalDeath

PandaBearMe or 熊猫熊我[edit]

I don't still know whether 熊猫熊我 equals PandaBearMe. (panda as 熊猫, bear as 熊, me as 我) I don't think foreign players without East Asian descent disuse Chinese ID. -- Thickertom

  • Yes I saw that 熊猫熊我 could be PandaBearMe (and he's a Zerg too): let's keep this monitored and see if there's any news about it. -- CynicalDeath

Thanks for fixing the mistake about ByuN[edit]

I feel so dumb... thanks for catching the mistake – ChapatiyaqPTSM (talk) 18:38, 3 August 2016 (KST)

  • You were moving pages and fixing links/stuff so a minor stuff like that can happen: no need to feel dumb, you're still my hero! :) -- CynicalDeath

Sorry about that[edit]

I got mixed up in my pages, sorry about those mistakes... Dalek404 (talk)

SO ! I did it again, wrong tab. I'm confused now, but sorry ! Dalek404 (talk)

Co-op Missions[edit]

Check Co-op Missions Template:Co-op Missions navbox

2017 StarCraft II World Championship Series Circuit: Standings - Google Doc[edit]

You should edit the google doc (found when you edit the table), and then copy paste the Wikicode: Standings tab to the Liquipedia Site, it is way easier (when you get into it) and it calculates everything so human error is less of a chance (my typo was still in, that's how I noticed you didn't use the google doc) -- Corvuuss

  • Thanks for the tip, I'll do as you suggested from now on. -- CynicalDeath

Regarding Ares and Softball[edit]

Rex just clarified with me that the current AresRush is not the old Softball.

Why did you remove a player page that I just created ?[edit]


I created a page of a french player "YellowFox" and you remove it. He's in the top 20 of the french player actually, he's grand master and is known in the french area. I want it back, since I put alot of time into it.


  • Hi, there are some guidelines to follow to add players on Liquipedia and you can check them here. The player you tried to add fits none of the categories so the page, which has not been canceled at all, was moved to your user page here. It will be possible to move it to main space if/when the player will fit in a couple of the categories mentioned above. -- CynicalDeath

OSC Losers bracket[edit]

Hi! I wonder, how do you know which player takes what place at the losers bracket? I am trying to help editing, and so far it is the only thing I do not really inderstand. Thank you in advance :3

  • Hi!
    You can take the past year's tournament as an example, the format is the same. You can find it here -- CynicalDeath

OSC 2017 timings[edit]

Hello once again! Where can I find the exact time at which a match starts? And is there a way for my edits not to be classified as pending? If not, how can I get permission to check pending edits? Thank you in advance.

  • They usually announce them via Twitter.
  • Your edits are classified as "pending" for some time and need to be approved by an editor to check if everything is ok. After a bit of editing you will be automatically granted the permission to self-check them (i.e they will be automatically approved). If you have further questions, please join our Discord server here where we can help. -- CynicalDeath

Minor team - User:Flake_SC/Hasu_Players Page[edit]

You have moved a team page to the user page, cause it is not notable. Could you kindly inform how to connect this page to the tournaments links? I mean, that at RSTL #13 Div 1 (as well as in the other tournaments: RSTL previous seasons and Alpha TEam League) there is a link for Hasu players and we would like that link follows to our team page, but now it's not existing link. Looking for your prompt reply.

Could you help to connect one of Hasu Players - MindelVK with his userpage please? (

We can't add the ace match in the china team championship page.[edit]

You can see the error in the history page of china team championship, maybe you could change the teammatchbo2 template? i'll try to find the way which could fix this.

TTLK and MATH are the same person.[edit]

I don't know how to change the earnings and achievement.--Thickertom (talk) 09:48, 17 April 2019 (UTC)

Question on map statistics[edit]


I've had some issues on map statistics on The map statistics aren't showing up even though I specified the tournament link to Risen StarCraft II League/Season 2 It does the same thing for /Season 1

Thank you! -- EterNaL

  • Hi, I fixed them both. If you have further questions, please join our Discord server here where we can talk more easily. -- CynicalDeath

What was the issue? I'll do so -- EterNaL

  • In the transcluded pages (Ro32, Ro16, Playoffs) the NO SMW parameter was set so the template couldn't retrieve the maps from those. -- CynicalDeath

WCS Korea Standings[edit]

SpeCial got top 24 at IEM Katowice so he should have 150 points for that right? (Just like Scarlett, whose points were counted)

Unit and structures template[edit]

I only swapped Terran and Protoss so it matched the WOL/HOTS templates. I also noticed the HOTS template (and any units with HOTS pages) are missing the red color theme. -- Theroux721 (talk) 12:03, 15 October 2019 (UTC)


Hi! You moved the GSL Super Tournament from "ongoing" to "recent" before it actually finished. Please consider waiting for it to be actually finished before moving, I almost lost watching the finals Live because I thought it had already ended :) Tschis (talk) 11:59, 28 March 2020 (UTC)

ESL Official Brackets rejected[edit]

Can you precise why is the change to add link to ESL's official bracket has been rejected please?

Thank you --WiMiOP

  • Hi! Brackets are already in the infobox and we're trying to switch to having them there only. We'll see how this goes and eventually switch back. Btw, if you like to, you can join the Liquipedia Discord Server so we can talk more easily.-- CynicalDeath

I must use Ro32 for Kung Fu Cup 2020 Week 26![edit]

The reason is that no one knows Chinese famous IDs: such as scboy1=F91, MagicTerran=Xiaose! None of Aligulac's foolish writers knows them! --Thickertom (talk) 11:36, 5 November 2020 (UTC)