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Matches and maps[edit]

If in a match you know all the maps that were chosen but not all of them were played, do not delete the rest. Instead, in the part where you pick the winner, place a "skip" there. If will show the map but it is gonna count it as not played. DO NOT DELETE INFORMATION WE HAVE. Take a look at the second of group C in the psistorms sc2 league as a example. --DARKING (talk) 12:07, 13 February 2017 (KST)

Your File upload - usage of copyrighted images on Liquipedia[edit]


you uploaded an image to Liquipedia commons without specifying file information, especially no license/copy-right information.

I fixed that for this file, but for the future please provide at least the following information:

  • Who holds the copyright to that file? (Usually the person/organisation that took the image - Param |copyright=)
  • Was a permission for usage on Liquipedia given? Or are there other reasons why we can use the file? (For some organisations we have general permissions in our Copyrights Repository. If you own the copyright to these images, state this explicitly in the file information. If permission was given otherwise we need that, please send this written permission to and add the needed information to the file page on commons. Use the |license=permission|note=<here why/how we got permission>)
  • Where did you get that file from? If possible give the link from where you got the file. (Use the |source= param for this).

You can find more information at the copyright guide. If you want/need help you can find that on the Liquipedia Discord (e.g. in the starcraft2 channel).

Also please name images apropriately in the future. (Use a descriptive and concise filename, e.g. Stephano_2012MLGSpringChampionship.jpg instead of IMG_0086273.jpg. You will not be able to change the filename once you've uploaded the file.)

Hjpalpha (talk) 05:27, 17 June 2020 (UTC)