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[e][h]Vega Squadron
Team Information
Vanja "HighArT" Šimunec
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2015-07-?? - LiveZerg leaves
2015-01-?? - DmC, StraightEdge leave
2014-10-12 - DaNa leaves
2014-09-04 - fraer joins
2014-08-05 - DMC joins


Vega Squadron is a European professional gaming organisation made on July, 10th 2012 with headquarters in Moscow, Russia. They are mostly known by their Starcraft II team, but also they have divisions of different eSport disciplines, such as:

  • Dota 2
  • Heartstone
  • Heroes of the Storm


  • January 19th, AlaStOr leaves.[5]
  • February 2nd, Vega parts ways with Abver due to his inactivity.
  • February 26th, Verdi retires from competitive playing.
  • March 10th, elfi joins Vega Squadron.[6]
  • March 12th, hOpe joins Vega Squadron,while Polish Protoss player Romson leaves the team.[7]
  • March 16th, FireCake and Vega Squadron part ways.[8]
  • March 18th, DaNa joins Vega Squadron.[9]
  • March 23rd, JonnyREcco joins.[10]
  • April 29th, elfi decided to take a break from Starcraft 2. [11]
  • May 1st, LiveZerg joins from RoX together with Creed. [12]
  • June 3rd, Revolver and Vega Squadron part ways.
  • July 25th, elfi parts ways with Vega Squadron.[13]
  • July 27th, JonnyREcco leaves the team.[14]
  • August 1st, Miszu and CoolTea are promoted to professional team.
  • August 5th, russian player DMC joins.
  • August 20th, StraightEdge joins the team.
  • September 4th, after a break of two years, fraer comes back to StarCraft II and join the team.[15]
  • October 12th, DaNa leaves the team as his contract expired.
  • December 31st, Miszu leaves.

Notable Former[edit]

ID Name New Team
ruRussia z LiveZerg Andrey Guldyashov IsIMBA
ruRussia p WorD Vitaliy Roshchin
ruRussia t Creed Andrey Romanov HD Game
united kingdomUnited Kingdom z matt Matt Dodd
germanyGermany p Sheggi Marvin Sommer
ruRussia p SpellSinger Petr Sergeevich Nuit Blanche
franceFrance p StraightEdge Nicolas Chiorino
seSweden z hOpe Dan Gustafsson
ruRussia p DMC Dmitriy Bakhtiyarov Cascade
ruRussia p fraer Igor Turchin Extreme Supremacy
ruRussia p CoolTea Denis Markov Extreme Supremacy
plPoland t Miszu Michał Słomczyński Extreme Supremacy
plPoland z DaNa Radosław Danowski Extreme Supremacy
ukUnited Kingdom z JonnyREcco Paul Whyte Nuit Blanche
finlandFinland p elfi Samuli Sihvonen
frFrance z FireCake Sébastien Lebbe Punchline ESC
polandPoland p Romson Remigiusz Liana
russiaRussia p Verdi Artem Avramenko Retired
russiaRussia p Abver Aleksey Drunin
esSpain z AlaStOr Enrique Macias Team Spectre
polandPoland p sLh Piotr Michalski Team Spectre
polandPoland z uzer Grzegorz Muśko
germanyGermany p Monty Erick Wilcke Team ALTERNATE
russiaRussia t Turuk Constantine Arzhavitin Retired
franceFrance t Laukyo Laurent Chung
siSlovenia z Starbuck Matic Dejak Team MiA
dkDenmark t Dreambunny Patrick Brix Copenhagen Wolves
deGermany p ShoWTimE Tobias Sieber ESC Gaming
deGermany z AReS Manuel Kress Meet Your Makers
czCzech Republic p Reitor Ondřej Svojše eSuba
seSweden p ErA Eric Anderson Cascade
ruRussia P IntoXi Mikhail Budnichenko
dkDenmark z Sonder Niels Schou-Andreasen Copenhagen Wolves
deGermany p Zeth Lukas Heumos Downfall Esports
ruRussia t NoName Nikita Andreev RuW


ID Name Position
RussiaRussia P Vega Alexey Kondakov Chief Executive Officer
croatiaCroatia p HighArT Vanja Šimunec General Manager
russiaRussia p KingCobra Kondaurov Sergey Streamer / Caster

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result Prize
2014-08-12 SC2Improve Team League Season 2 Vega Squadron 0 : 4 AT Gaming
€75 + 5 x ZOWIE Mousepads
2014-08-05 Russian SC2 Team League Season 5 Vega Squadron 5 : 0 against All authority
2014-05-06 Russian SC2 Team League Season 4 Vega Squadron 3 : 5 Team Spectre
2014-01-16 300apm Team League Season 2 Vega Squadron 3 : 1 RuW
Date Event Result Prize
2013-10-18 Russian SC2 Team League Season 3 Vega Squadron 4 : 0 RuW
2013-06-11 Russian SC2 Team League Season 2 Vega Squadron 2 : 4 RuW
2013-06-11 Russian SC2 Team League Season 1 Vega Squadron 4 : 0 7x Team
Date Event Result Prize
2012-10-17 iTopSkill Team League Season 1 Vega Squadron 4 : 3 Qnatek Qnatek
2012-04-02 incredible Panic Team League S4 Div 2 Vega Squadron 4 : 2 Guild of Imbalance
2012-12-02 Z33ktv Team ProLeague Vega Squadron 1 : 5 compLexity Gaming

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