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[e][h]Zerg ViBE
Player Information
Dan Scherlong
May 9, 1987 (age 37)
Alternate IDs:
ViBE, ROOTViBE, SixjaxViBE, ventViBE, ColdFusion
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years Active:
2010 - 2017,
2019 - 2022
Years Active (caster):
201?-??-?? — 2011-03-31NrG
2011-03-31 — 2011-09-16Sixjax Gaming
2011-09-22 — 2012-05-07It's Gosu eSports
2012-05-17 — 2014-07-15ROOT Gaming
2016-06-09 — PresentROOT Gaming
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August 21, 2019 - 22:00 CEST  

Dan "ViBE" Scherlong (born May 9, 1987) is an American Zerg player who is currently playing for ROOT Gaming.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

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ViBE was seeded into the first season of the IGN Proleague.

ViBE was one of the 50 players invited to participate in the first season of the North American Star League. He finished 7th in Division A with a 3-6 record. ViBE then played in the 2nd season of the NASL in Division 1 scoring underdog wins against Sheth and Lowely. ViBE narrowly secured a playoff spot, but he was defeated by DIMAGA in the first round of his bracket.[1] Currently he is taking part in the 3rd season of the NASL in Division 3, where he beat the two South Korean players in his group: GanZi and Rain.

Team History[edit]

ViBE was part of Sixjax Gaming until the team disbanded on September 16, 2011. He subsequently joined It's Gosu eSports alongside his former team mate dde on September 22, 2011.[2]

On May 7, 2012, it was announced ViBe and It's Gosu eSports parted ways due to neither party being able to reach an agreement on ViBE's contract renewal.[3]

On May 16, 2012, ViBE joined the newly reformed ROOT Gaming. He was apparently scouted during the previous run of the ROOT gaming team but because of his contract with Sixjax Gaming, at the time, there was no way for ROOT to gain him as a member. Team captain CatZ cited the reasoning for him joining being that ViBE had a large unrealized potential and wanted to help him become "invincible".[4]

World Championship Series 2012[edit]

WCS USA Nationals[edit]

From June 8 to June 10, 2012, ViBE participated in the USA Blizzard World Championship Series tournament. He stormed through the Winner's Bracket taking out notables: IdrA and State. He progressed to the Winner Bracket finals where he dismantled lesser known Insur 2-0 before advancing to the overall finals. He faced daisuki (coming out of the losers' bracket) and beat him 2-0, earning him the right to represent the United States in the WCS North American Finals event. He won $12,000 for taking first place.

WCS North America Finals[edit]

Despite already having qualified for the World Championship Finals, ViBE would still compete in the North America finals. He would progress through to the winners finals only dropping one game, to Goswser. Here he would face Scarlett, the WCS Canada champion, who would beat him 2:0. He would then face IdrA, whom he would beat 2:1 before facing Scarlett once more in the grand finals, again losing 2:0. World Championship[edit]

In the 2012 World Championship, ViBE would be placed in a full Zerg group, alongside VortiX, Suppy and Comm. Despite defeating VortiX, he would lose to Suppy and then again in his rematch against VortiX, knocking him out of the tournament.

IGN ProLeague[edit]

IPL Season 5[edit]

On July 14, 2012, ViBE participated in the IPL 5 North American Satellite Qualifiers. ViBE defeated marvel, Stillborn, State, and then went on to advance in to the finals to face Golden. In the finals, ViBE defeated Golden by a score of 2-1 and was able to take first place. His first-place finish qualified him for the IGN ProLeague Season 5. At the main event, he was defeated in the first round of the winner's bracket by TheStC, then in the third round of the loser's bracket by VortiX.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

ViBE participated in the 2013 MLG Winter Championship invite-only tournament. In his Showdown match, he defeated Illusion to qualify for the main event. In the Round of 32, he was eliminated by Sen 3-1. In the consolation tournament, he defeated State 3-0 before losing to Bly 0-3.

ViBE was one of the 24 WCS America 2013 Season 1 Premier League invites.[5] However, he was unable to advance past the Round of 32, defeating teammate theognis but losing to TheStC and Snute to fall into Challenger League. Although he fell to Jim in the bracket stage, he was able to advance to Season 2 Premier League by topping his Challenger League group, defeating Bails and KiLLeR.

On July 20, 2013, ViBE participated in the 2013 MLG Summer Invite, an online tournament including solely American and Canadian players. He was defeated 2-0 by teammate puCK in the first round of the 16-player tournament.

In Premier League, ViBE was again unable to advance past the Round of 32 in Premier League, taking losses to Scarlett and HerO. He was then knocked out of the Challenger League brackets by Sen. In the Challenger League group stage, he defeated fellow Americans hellokitty and Neeb, both 2-1, to reclaim his Premier League position.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

In June 2016, ViBE rejoined ROOT Gaming for promotional reasons, noting that he was focusing on his stream and content creation, not trying to compete in the pro scene.[Citation needed]


  • ViBE has very high APM, often having an average of over 300.[Citation needed]
  • ViBE was often on the Round Table discussion hosted by It's Gosu eSports before leaving the team.
  • Viewers often request that ViBE play avilo because of a 90-minute game they played. However, avilo has refused to play ViBE ever since, claiming that ViBE "stole a draw" from him.
  • ViBE is known for playing "troll games" where he will use non-standard strategies, often by selecting random viewer suggestions.







Matches & VODs[edit]

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Matchup Statistics

vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Zerg185 - 15354.7 %119 - 12648.6 %160 - 16249.7 %29 - 390.6 %493 - 44452.6 %
as Random0 - 0-0 - 0-0 - 0-41 - 2562.1 %41 - 2562.1 %
Σ185 - 15354.7 %119 - 12648.6 %160 - 16249.7 %70 - 2871.4 %534 - 46953.2 %

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