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[e][h] viPro
Player Information
Rasmus Östersjö
August 25, 1993 (age 29)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2010 - 2013
2011-09-21 — 2012-04-09
2012-04-09 — 2012-06-23
2012-08-18 — 2012-10-20
2013-01-07 — 2013-05-31
2013-06-10 — 2014-01-15
Recent Matches
viPro  Sweden
South Korea  Apocalypse
2013-12-30 00:00:04UTC  
viPro  Sweden
Netherlands  Harstem
2013-12-30 00:00:01UTC  
viPro  Sweden
Sweden  SjoW
2013-10-05 00:00:03UTC  
viPro  Sweden
Sweden  ThorZaIN
2013-10-05 00:00:00UTC  
viPro  Sweden
Finland  Naama
2013-09-02 00:00:10UTC  

Rasmus "viPro" Östersjö (born August 25, 1993) is a retired Swedish Protoss player.

Team History[edit]

In summer 2011, viPro joined the German Team ESC ICYBOX, where he took first place in the 4PL Team League Season 1 on 15 January 2012. After playing in ESC for almost one year it was announced that viPro transfers to Team Replika on 9 April 2012.[1]

After his departure from ESC ICYBOX, viPro was a part of Team Replika for two months, but became a free agent on 23 June after leaving the team. On 18 August, viPro was once again picked up by a lesser known team, Blight Gaming, but their partnership did not last very long. On 20 October 2012, viPro confirmed that he had left Blight Gaming, and was a free agent.[2]

On 7 January 2013, Karont3 e-Sports Club announced that viPro had joined the team.[3]

On 31 May 2013, viPro left Karont3 e-Sports Club since the StarCraft II division closed.[4][5]

On 10 June 2013, viPro joined compLexity Gaming.[6]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

The beginning[edit]

In November 2011, viPro attended his first major event, DreamHack Winter 2011, as one of the invited players, but was knocked out in the group play with a score of 1-2 defeating PhoeNix 2-0, losing to White-Ra 1-2 and losing to ClouD 1-2. Later in December, viPro qualified as one of 8 Swedish players attending the E-Sport SM Finals that was played at DreamHack Summer 2012, taking his slot defeating Fade 3-2 in the finals at E-Sport SM December Qualifier in Norrköping, Sweden.

The first offline tournament viPro attended in 2012 was Dreamhack Eizo Open during April 21–22. He made it through group stages one and two and went on to the second day of play for the third group stage, where he was eliminated in third place losing to Polt 0-2, Socke 1-2 and winning vs jimpo 2-0. Two months later, on 16–19 June, viPro went on to play E-Sport SM Finals where he faced ThorZaIN, Cytoplasm and SortOf at Dreamhack Summer. He went out of the group losing 0-2. He also played in the main StarCraft II tournament at Dreamhack. He won the first group stage 3:0, but was eliminated in the second by TaeJa and Adelscott.

IesF and Sweden Nationals[edit]

At the end of July, viPro qualified in the NärCon IeSF Qualifier in Linköping and the WCS Sweden Nationals in the Globe, Stockholm. At NärCon, viPro placed second in his group beating merz and buffy, but losing a close series against Cytoplasm. Therefore, he was matched up against Naugrim in the quarterfinals where he lost 1-3. Directly after NärCon, he traveled to Stockholm to play the WCS Sweden Nationals. In the first round of the winner bracket viPro fell narrowly vs SortOf with a 1-2 result, falling down into the lower bracket where he defeated StarNaN and SjoW 2-0 before he was eliminated by MorroW with a 0-2 result - finishing in 7th/8th place.

Campus Party 2012[edit]

On 9 August, the only online qualifier for the Campus Party took place. Vipro managed to win the qualifier defeating European giants sLivko 2-1 and Delphi 3-0 and in the finals, the South Korean Daisy 4-3.[7] The main event took place 22–25 August in Berlin with a total of 16 players, 14 invited and 2 qualified through one online and one offline qualifier. Vipro was placed in a group consisting of BabyKnight, Naama, and Ret, but did not pass the group with his 1-2 score after a 2-1 win vs Naama, but 0-2 losses against BabyKnight and Ret.

Doed League Season 2[edit]

During October and November the Doed League Season 2 played out, a Swedish online league that viPro took part of. Each player in the Elite division had to play against each other one time in best of fives, and in the end the player that reaches the top of the table wins. Vipro managed to go 9:0 in total match score, and there for taking 1st place winning 1000 SEK. Most notably Vipro defeated players such as RunA and Bobson.

Early 2013[edit]

After what seemed to have been quite a break from playing offline events, viPro participated in the Swedish Championships 4th offline qualifier in Stockholm on the 23rd of February. The event was not only the first event of the year, but also the first event under his new team tag Karont3. Vipro successfully went on to win the event, which also was his last Wings of Liberty event, after defeating Hobbe, RunA and Bobson twice - securing a spot at the final playoffs that will be played in Heart of the Swarm and takes place at Dreamhack Summer 2013.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

In the beginning of May, the Swedish LAN Party Birdie took place in Uppsala. There were BYOC tournaments in StarCraft II, Dota 2 and LoL, and the 11th of May viPro attended the BYOC tournament for StarCraft II. In the end viPro finished 3rd place, after suffering defeat against SjoW in the semi finals, but then defeating RunA in the 3rd place decider, securing himself 2500 SEK.

Dreamhack Summer 2013[edit]

On June 15, the doors to DreamHack Summer opened, and the worlds biggest LAN Party was live. Vipro, who had recently joined compLexity Gaming, was there to make his LAN tribute with his new team. Like the previus DreamHack Summer, viPro was playing dual tournaments this year as well; the main StarCraft II tournament and the Swedish Championships. Vipro managed to pass group stages one and two in the main tournament after defeating HuK, but then fell short in the third group stage facing elimination after both himself and SortOf went 0-2 vs SjoW and Squirtle, and therefore had no hope of a tie breaker. The remaining match between SortOf and viPro was a WO in viPro's favour. On that very day, the Swedish Championships, AKA Esport SM Finals was played in the morning, where viPro was eliminated in the group stage after going 2-0 vs StarNaN, 0-2 vs Bischu and 0-2 vs SortOf. Therefore, he finished in the Round of 8, securing himself 4000 SEK.

ASUS ROG Summer 2013[edit]

Vipro was one of 8 players who managed to take the online qualifier spots into the ASUS ROG Tournament August 1–3. The 32 player tournament was divided into two group stages and then an 8-man bracket. Vipro was placed in group A together with the recent Dreamhack Valencia Champion HyuN, the Finnish hope Welmu and Norway's very own TargA. Vipro did not pass the group, but put up a good fight against HyuN taking a 2-0 lead, to then fall 2-3 going into the loser match against TargA where the opposite situation occurred: Being down 0-2 to make the 3-2 come back. The last match for the second place in the group was played vs Welmu, and viPro lost 0:3 and was therefore eliminated in third place after HyuN and Welmu.


  • viPro is a part of Team Sweden in the ESL Country Championship 2012.
  • Have played lots of 2x2 with Arne since the Beta and have been high ranked on the EU ladder servers.
  • While streaming viPro usually commentates his game play with valuable information and thoughts.
  • aAa* Pro Challenge SC2 2/European Qualifiers
  • Was thanked by MC on WCS EU stream for being his practice partner for WCS EU (in the winner interview vs Titan in ro16 match 1, and in the winner interview after defeating Welmu in the ro8)


In A2Major Tournaments
2013-06-167th - 8thE-Sport SM 2012-2013compLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming0–2Grp S.$620.41
2012-08-2213th - 16thCampus PartyBlight GamingBlight Gaming0–2Grp S.$400
In A3Minor Tournaments
2013-06-224thRaidCall EMS Spring 2013
Karont3 e-Sports Club
0 : 2compLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming$0
2012-07-287th - 8th2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Sweden Nationals0 : 2$450
2011-12-021st4PL CLan League
ESC Gaming
3 : 2Guild of ImbalanceGuild of Imbalance$334.81
In A4Basic Tournaments
2012-11-061stPlayhem EU Daily 407– : –$45 Elite Cup 6– : –
2012-05-162ndPlayhem EU Daily 244Team ReplikaTeam Replika– : –$20
2012-02-242ndPlayhem EU Daily 162ESC IcyboxESC Icybox– : –$26
2012-01-022ndPlayhem EU Daily 109ESC IcyboxESC Icybox– : –$20
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 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Protoss39 - 4645.9 %37 - 5142 %41 - 6140.2 %3 - -1150 %120 - 15743.3 %

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