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Vicious Killers

[e][h]Vicious Killers
Team Information
Kyzer, ChiOt
Team Captain:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

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Team VK (Vicious Killers), formed in Singapore during 2010, was initially a casual clan consisting some Vietnamese players who were staying in Singapore. From early 2015, VK started to recruit more competitive players from various countries (mostly in Southeast Asia region). The team is now still a self-funded team, most players are sponsored by team manager Vo "ChiOt" Huu Tien.


From 2015, Team VK firstly gathered casual Starcraft II players to participating Vietnam Team League, a local Team League tournament of Vietnam. After that, VK expanded into a multi-nationals semi-pro team including competitive players in various countries. In 2017, VK joins SEA Open Team League (Season 1).

  • Early 2016, many young players join Team VK, the team expands more and more after VTL (Vietnam Team League, the biggest team league competition in South East Asisa) started on Jan 2015.
  • Jan 2016, Le "Freedom" Tuan Linh joins Team VK as the first rookie player of the team, he is now Assistant Manager of Team VK, and organizing/casting/streaming lots of SC2 events in Vietnam.
  • April 2016, Team VK becomes Runner Up team of VTL Season 1 after losing to Team EZ in the Grand Finals (with the score 3-4)
  • Late April 2016, Singaporean Terran Justin "Elusory" Chua joins, after this event, Team VK starts to accept application from foreigners.
  • May 2016, Korean semi-pro player Lim "Apdo" Byun Chan joins the as a Coach-Player.
  • July 2016, to celebrate 6th birthday of Starcraft II (and almost 6th year since Team VK was founded), Team VK is now have an official name: Vicious Killers. The name is made by ChiOt (Team Manager) together with HowCuteIAm (Team Designer)
  • End of July 2016, Team VK becomes the Champion team of VTL Season 2 after a close final match versus team HoG (with score 4-3)
  • August 2016, Team VK divides into VK Black and VK White in order to participate in Vietnam Team League (VTL) 2016 Season 3.
  • August 2016, Singaporean Protoss player Alvin "Lobo" Toh joins.
  • September 2016, Korean semi-pro player Kang "Oracle" Seung Hyeon joins.
  • October 2016, Australian zerg HOTBIGTIT joins VK.
  • October 2016, WhitePuma and JoeKooler have been promoted from Academy into Main Roster.
  • 2 November 2016, Korean ex-pro player Yoo "Ezpz" Youngjun (a.k.a "MVPGalaxy") joins Team VK as the 4th Korean Terran player of the team.
  • 7 November 2016, Singaporean Zerg player Ryan "Kyzer" Low joins Team VK.
  • 25 November 2016, Korean female Zerg player Kim "CherryiCe" Eun Ji joins VK as the 3rd female player of the team.
  • November 2015,Team VK is reformed and reorganized by Vo "ChiOt" Huu Tien (also known as "CoLoR" during Wings of Liberty time), ChiOt also persuades some old Team VK members to comeback to Starcraft II, and he is (somehow) successful.
  • December 2015, Team VK's Manager, Vo "ChiOt" Huu Tien, organizes some activities as well as show-matches for Vietnam SC2 Community, his plan is to pull team VK into those events and make Team VK be alive again after 4 years of inactivity.
  • End 2015, Le "JusticeSimon" Thien Vu joins the team and became the core member of Team VK.
  • Team VK became inactive since the end of 2011 due to many core players lost their interest in Starcraft II, some switched to Dota 2 and some retired from gaming completely.
  • The biggest SC2 community of Vietnam was shut down after that.
  • July 2010, a group of Vietnamese Starcraft 2 players living in Singapore decided to form a casual team with the name "VK", at that time all the founders still did not know what is "VK" really stands for.
  • August 2010, Team VK created the very first SC2 community for Vietnamese SC2 players under domain.

Player Roster at the time of disbandement[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
South KoreaJunboJunbo Sim2017-01-05
VietnamJusticeSimon CaptainLe Thien Vu2017-12-31 Alpha X
South KoreaKNifeLee Sae Young2017-01-24
SingaporeKyzerRyan Low2016-11-072017-12-31
SingaporeLoboAlvin Toh2017-12-31
South KoreaStrangerAn Seong Yeop2017-05-112018-09-17 Black Night
VietnamThuocLaoLe Thanh Ha2011-06-152017-12-31


ID Name Partner with
thThailand t StriKE Pichayut Prasertwit Alpha Red
indiaIndia z Demi Varun Immanuel OSC Elite

Casual Players[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
VietnamAresNgo Quang Vinh2015-12-31
VietnamCalypsoBe Chi Dung2016-05-31
South KoreaCherryiCeKim Eun Ji2016-11-24
VietnamColdFireLe Hoang Linh2016-07-31
VietnamChiOtVo Huu Tien2010-06-30
VietnamFreedomLe Tuan Linh2015-12-31
VietnamHappyMarineDuc La2016-04-30
AustraliaHOTBIGTITLochlann Foster2016-09-30
ThailandJoeKoolerChitsanupong Klaithin2016-06-30
VietnamKhoiKhoi Tran2016-07-31
VietnamLevyathanNguyen Minh Hieu2016-06-30
VietnamHowCuteIAmHuynh Thai Ngoc2016-04-30
VietnamJAViEVy Huynh2016-04-30
South KoreaApdoLim Byun Chan2016-04-30
South KoreaOracleKang Seung Hyeon2016-08-31
VietnamMiraakDuc Thang2016-03-31
VietnamMonkeyBossKiet Tran2016-06-30
VietnamNguyenSanityJason Nguyen2015-12-31
VietnamNinjaTossHarnie Le2016-06-30
VietnamnOObieMai Thanh Hung2012-01-01
VietnamProtossNamHuynh Vinh Nam2016-07-31
PhilippinesProzeRSean Cheng2016-11-28
ThailandRatkingDanai Laohachewin2016-06-30
VietnamsilvermouseNguyen Tien Duc2016-08-31
AustraliaWhitePumaDavid Fitzgerald2016-07-31

Inactive Players[edit]

ID Name Inactive since
vnVietnam P Adios Nguyen Nhu Huy 2012
vnVietnam P Wery Wery Nguyen 2012
vnVietnam T DD Nguyen Dinh Duy 2012
vnVietnam t Rainbow Le Nguyen The Dat 2011
vnVietnam p Mashix Le Minh Duc 2012
vnVietnam z Naut Tuan Phan 2012
vnVietnam p Sirentt To Hong Phuc 2015
vnVietnam z iPawn Chinh Le 2012
vnVietnam p NoneTurtle Dat Nguyen 2015


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
South KoreacontrolWon Jun Young2018-06-16 Iron Chain
SingaporeElusoryChua Hoe Hwee, Justin2016-04-302017-07-31 OSC Elite
South KoreaGlowOh Tae Wan2017-01-062017-06-??
VietnamKubeRNguyen Huu Kien
VietnamLaZyTony Nguyen
South KoreaEzpzYoo Young Joon2016-11-022017-12-31 Retirement
SingaporeRevenantMarcus Tan Sin Yik2016-12-122017-03-12 Retirement
South KoreaRevolutioNChoi Ji Min
VietnamShiveRTerry Duong Retirement
South KoreaTodayKim Dae Hee2017-01-06
PolandKashimAdrian Główczyk2016-12-052018-06-25 IndyK Crew
South KoreaZeNaHam Jin Soo2017-05-22


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
Vietnam ChiOt Vo Huu Tien Founder, Manager, Coach
Singapore Kyzer Ryan Low Head Coach
Vietnam DD Nguyen Dinh Duy Co-Founder
Vietnam Freedom Le Tuan Linh Assistant Manager
Thailand JoeKooler Chitsanupong Klaithin Assistant Manager
Vietnam NinjaToss Harnie Le Social Media Manager
Vietnam HowCuteIAm Huynh Thai Ngoc Designer
Vietnam JusticeSimon Le Thien Vu Captain, Designer

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2017-03-19 3rd A3Minor SEA Open Team League 2017 Season 1 4 : 2 $50