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Team Information
Andrey "FUki" Kirukin
Team Captain:
Artem "sLivko" Garavtsov
Player Breakdown
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Overview[edit] is a very old Russian e-sports organization, mostly famous for their team in Counter-Strike 1.6 and their now disbanded, once world dominating DotA team.

The team was created November 1, 2003, as a Moscow-based Counter-Strike squad. A few years later, a Need for Speed division was picked up, and May 2007 a DotA team as well. Their CS squad has reached several achievements over the years, and is probably still to many associated with "Vigoss", one of the biggest DotA-legends ever, who played for the team during their days of glory.[1]


  • July 1st, announced that they closed the StarCraft II section of their organization and that they would now focus on League of Legends instead.[2]. This move left sLivko team-less.
  • January 7th, add former RoX.KIS player Neytpoh.[3]
  • February 25th, Siw joined[4]
  • March 1st, Vasilisk leaves
  • April 29th, Verdi joined
  • May 8th, Verdi leaves to join Vega Squadron.[5]
  • August 8th, Revolver goes back to his old team, NCM Clan, while AtSky joins instead.[6]
  • August 24th, Roll leave[7]
  • August 25th, sLivko joined[8]
  • October 10th, Siw is removed from the team after failing to notify the team management, and the WCG Russia administration of his lack of a passport, resulting in him not being able to attend the WCG Russian Finals, despite having qualified.[9]
  • December 31st, the team announced that they have released AtSky, Neytpoh and Turuk due to lack of results, announcing a "full lineup" in the coming months.[10]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name New Team
ruRussia z sLivko Artem Garavtsov New ӖrA GaminG
uaUkraine z Vasilisk Basil Rudenko ZZZZZ
ruRussia t Turuk Constantine Arzhavitin Cascade
ruRussia p AtSky Georgiy Baykov 3D!Clan
ruRussia p Neytpoh Yuri Karev Retired
ruRussia p Siw Vladimir Syzranov Team Empire
ruRussia p VERDI Artem Avramenko Vega Squadron
ruRussia z Revolver Pavel Belov Vega Squadron
ruRussia p Roll Sergey Moroz 3D!Clan


ID Name Position
Russia FUki Andrey Kirukin Manager
Russia kaby Vladislav Perchik Streamer
Ukraine Alex007 Alexey Trushlyakov Streamer
Russia SubZerO Yan Pyatrin Streamer

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