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Wallie cheese

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This article may be outdated due to a patch requiring Supply Depot before Barracks

Due to the tech change requiring that Supply Depot be built before Barracks, this opening is no longer feasible.

[e][h]Wallie Cheese
Strategy Information


This build is a highly risky build that will only work if your opponent does not expect it. Use at your own risk! Thor rush cheese that is extremely risky, but works pretty well versus any non-discovering, non-cheesing/rushing Protoss.


Kill the Protoss in under 5 minutes using a single Thor and SCVs to repair.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Hide all your stuff the best you can - you wont have enough buildings to wall-off at the ramp to deny scouting.
  • Proxy the Factory.
  • After the supply finishes (11/19) you can get 2 more units out (13/19) before making the Thor (6 supply -> 19/19). One Marine can get rid of a scouting Probe.
  • The build order is incorrect after the last patch (1.1.2) - the rax requires a Supply Depot now


  • Do not, not needed.


  • When your Thor is out march it to the Protoss base to start shelling his units. Take out Pylons to depower their Gateways/Robotics and repair your Thor with the SCVs you bring.
  • You can set your SCVs to Auto-Repair, but, as he might try to snipe them off, you will have to micro them.


You're good if you can get a Thor out. If you get attacked while it's building you can lift off and run to a different base (preferably high-yield) to mine further minerals for repairs there.


You need a map with okay hiding places. Any location that is out of sight from the basic scouting line is a relatively safe spot. A good example of a hidden spot would be the high ground next to the natural on Scrap Station.