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WardiTV Weekly

[e][h]WardiTV Weekly
League Information
Single-elimination bracket
Prize pool:
$100 Weekly
500 Monthly USD
Start Date:

The WardiTV Weekly is a series of Weekly cups from WardiTV. After starting out hosting weekly cups when under the SC2Improve brand, the organization was excited to bring back a weekly cup for players to take part in. The Weekly events will be split into Seasons. Each season does not have a set length, but will end with a season finale event (a larger event by WardiTV) which the winners of each Weekly throughout the season will be invited to.


  • Open to all players, server priority will alternate each week.
  • Single-elimination bracket.
  • Best of 3 in all rounds except the finals.
  • Best of 5 finals.

Prize Pool[edit]

Weekly Tournament[edit]

The base prize pool for each event is $100, but may be raised through Matcherino for each event. OSC points are also awarded to all top 16 players.

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $75 120
2nd $25 60
3rd-4th - 30
5th-8th - 10
9th-16th - 5

Season Finals[edit]

The base prize pool for each event is $500, but may be raised through Matcherino for each event. OSC points are also awarded to all players.

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $300 300
2nd $100 200
3rd-4th $50 100
5th-8th - 40
9th-12th - 20
13th-16th - 10


Weekly Tournaments[edit]

Season 1[edit]

# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
1 #1 2017-01-09 South Korea  soO South Korea  ByuL South Korea  herO South Korea  jjakji
2 #2 2017-01-16 South Korea  soO South Korea  aLive South Korea  ByuN South Korea  Solar
3 #3 2017-01-23 South Korea  Zest South Korea  ByuN South Korea  KeeN South Korea  herO
4 #4 2017-02-01 South Korea  ByuN South Korea  GuMiho South Korea  jjakji South Korea  Solar
5 #5 2017-02-06 South Korea  INnoVation South Korea  ByuN South Korea  Zest South Korea  Stats

Season 2[edit]

# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
6 #6 2017-04-06 Poland  Nerchio South Korea  KeeN South Korea  aLive South Korea  Super
7 #7 2017-04-13 South Korea  TRUE South Korea  Hurricane South Korea  Impact South Korea  Billowy
8 #8 2017-04-20 South Korea  Hurricane South Korea  aLive South Korea  Hush Netherlands  uThermal
9 #9 2017-05-04 South Korea  Hurricane South Korea  jjakji South Korea  herO South Korea  KeeN
10 #10 2017-05-11 South Korea  Leenock South Korea  herO South Korea  Armani South Korea  KeeN
11 #11 2017-05-18 South Korea  Solar South Korea  Stats South Korea  aLive South Korea  GuMiho

Season 3[edit]

# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
12 #12 2017-08-09 Sweden  Namshar Ukraine  Bly South Korea  PenguiN South Korea  KeeN
13 #13 2017-08-17 Ukraine  Bly Poland  Nerchio South Korea  KeeN Croatia  goblin
14 #14 2017-08-22 United States  GAMETIME South Korea  PenguiN South Africa  PhoenixTears Ukraine  Minato
15 #15 2017-08-31 Poland  Nerchio South Korea  Solar Ukraine  Bly South Korea  aLive
16 #16 2017-09-07 South Korea  GuMiho South Korea  aLive South Korea  KeeN South Korea  PenguiN
17 #17 2017-09-14 South Korea  herO South Korea  Impact South Korea  Bunny South Korea  Solar
18 #18 2017-10-09 South Korea  TY South Korea  Impact South Korea  Billowy South Korea  KeeN
19 #19 2017-11-17 Poland  Nerchio South Korea  Impact South Korea  Zest South Korea  jjakji

Season 4[edit]

# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
20 #20 2018-01-17 South Korea  aLive South Korea  KeeN Poland  Guru South Korea  TRUE
21 #21 2018-01-20 Netherlands  uThermal Poland  souL Poland  Guru Germany  Lambo
22 #22 2018-01-30 Sweden  Zanster Sweden  Namshar Argentina  EGG Poland  souL
23 #23 2018-02-07 Poland  MaNa Germany  ShoWTimE France  Clem Poland  Nerchio
24 #24 2018-02-09 Netherlands  uThermal South Korea  Ryung South Korea  HHQuanTa Poland  Nerchio
25 #25 2018-03-28 France  Denver Poland  Guru Finland  ZhuGeLiang South Korea  cypher

Season Finals[edit]

# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
1 #1 2017-03-13 South Korea  soO South Korea  GuMiho South Korea  Solar South Korea  INnoVation
2 #2 2017-06-12 South Korea  ByuN South Korea  KeeN South Korea  TRUE South Korea  INnoVation
3 #3 2017-12-04 South Korea  herO South Korea  Stats South Korea  Zest Poland  Nerchio
4 #4 2018-05-02 France  DnS Poland  Nerchio Sweden  Namshar France  Stephano


Medals won per Player[edit]

Weekly Tournaments[edit]

 Hurricane  soO  uThermal 
 Bly  ByuN  Denver  GAMETIME  GuMiho  INnoVation  Leenock  MaNa  Namshar  Solar  TRUE  TY  Zanster  Zest  aLive  herO 
 Impact  aLive 
 ByuN  KeeN 
 Bly  ByuL  GuMiho  Guru  Hurricane  Namshar  Nerchio  PenguiN  Ryung  ShoWTimE  Solar  Stats  herO  jjakji  souL 

Season Finals[edit]

 ByuN  DnS  herO  soO 
 GuMiho  KeeN  Nerchio  Stats 

Medals won per Race[edit]

Weekly Tournaments[edit]


Season Finals[edit]


Medals won per Country[edit]

Weekly Tournaments[edit]

South Korea South Korea141933
Poland Poland437
Sweden Sweden213
Netherlands Netherlands202
Ukraine Ukraine112
France France101
United States USA101
Germany Germany011

Season Finals[edit]

South Korea South Korea336
France France101
Poland Poland011


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