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WeRRa was a top Korean StarCraft II clan. Members wore their tag after their name, resulting in "Name.WeRRa". It disbanded in October 2010.


Having been around for a while, the WeRRa clan took playing Starcraft II as a serious new project. A large number of members qualified for the GSL, albeit with limited success. In the Brainbox Team Invitational that was held between GSL Season 1 and GSL Season 2, they took 2nd place, losing 3-4 to oGs in the finals.

On October 24, 2010, Cella announced that the WeRRa clan has officially disbanded. This announcement came shortly after a number of players including LoveRip, August, and Rain left the clan over alleged sexual misconduct involving the captain/coach of the StarCraft II division of the clan, Gundam.[1] Many of the members that were once in WeRRa went onto form Project Supreme.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name New Team
krSouth Korea T Astraea Young Bok Na Project Supreme
krSouth Korea T August Kim Siam Fnatic
krSouth Korea Z Baby Nam Hyun Woo N/A
krSouth Korea Z Cella Hong Seung Pyo SlayerS
krSouth Korea Z Cupid N/A
krSouth Korea P Dos Park Yeong Kyu Project Supreme
krSouth Korea P FalCon N/A
krSouth Korea P Frozen Jang Kang Wook SlayerS
krSouth Korea P Gundam () N/A
krSouth Korea P JaRyong N/A
krSouth Korea T justfake Lee Kwan Woo StarTale
krSouth Korea P KeePing Lee Kang Beum MVP
krSouth Korea P Maybe N/A
krSouth Korea T Mio Jeon Yong Soo SlayerS
krSouth Korea P NalZa Kong Won Wook MVP
krSouth Korea P New Bo In Jang N/A
krSouth Korea Z PhoeNix Jeon Young Sik MVP
krSouth Korea P Playa N/A
krSouth Korea T Rain Park Seo Yong TSL
krSouth Korea Z Royal Kim Kyeong Soo Project Supreme
krSouth Korea P sCar Jung Woo Sung dtG
krSouth Korea P SengKun Kim Tae Kyun SlayerS
krSouth Korea Z Shine Choi Kyung Min For Our Utopia
krSouth Korea Z Sopia Kim Tae Kyun IM
krSouth Korea T Sound Bae Sang Hwan StarTale
krSouth Korea Z SUPERSTAR Shin Jung Min StarTale
krSouth Korea P Suzy Kim Jung Hoon NSH


Team Achievements[edit]

2010 - Wings of Liberty
2nd Place Brainbox Starcraft II Team Invitational