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Wolf (US player)

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[e][h] Wolf
Commentator Information
Wolf Schröder
June 22, 1990 (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
Wolf, ThePassingShadow, Heiderich, Mao, Insignificant-, PureIndignation

Not to be mistaken with the French player.

Wolf "Wolf" Schröder is an American StarCraft II player and caster. He currently plays Protoss. Additionally, he casts Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.


Wolf is best known for his StarCraft II commentary. He grew up playing several genres of games when he was younger, especially strategy games. He also played Super Smash Bros. Brawl competitively, winning many local tournaments. Wolf played Terran in Brood War, and currently plays Protoss in StarCraft II.

Wings Of Liberty[edit]

  • As far as StarCraft II goes, Wolf began playing Terran when he got his beta key, but switched to Protoss after many changes were implemented in the first few patches. Wolf has not played in any notable tournaments since release, focusing mainly on his commentary.
  • Wolf began commentating StarCraft II during the Beta, and did a nightly cast during the beta downtimes in order to help newer players improve. Wolf created the Open Wolf Cup series during this time as well, and ran fourteen tournaments.
  • Wolf has commentated about one hundred online StarCraft II events, all of them live. Notable tournaments include the TL Open, FXOpen Invitational Series, SGL Clan Wars, and CraftCups. He has also covered several Taiwanese tournaments.
  • On October 15, 2011, Wolf announced on his Twitter that he and FXO parted ways.[3]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

  • After WCS was announced in 2013, Wolf continued to commentate WCS Korea's Challenger League alongside GSTL.
  • On December 14, Wolf announced on Twitter that he would commentating the 2014 SK Planet Proleague with Brendan Valdes.[4]


  • Is a native of Atlanta.
  • A Star Fox 64 enthusiast (as he displayed during the GSL August & October Code A qualifiers 2011).[Citation needed]
  • Often comments on players' hairstyles.[5]

Notable Events Casted[edit]