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World Cyber Games 2011

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[e][h]WCG 2011
League Information
World Cyber Games Inc.
South Korea Busan
Prize Pool:
$27,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

Host City[edit]

The host city of the WCG 2011 Grand Final will be Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea. In bringing the Grand Final to South Korea after 8 years since 2003, WCG has made its final decision on Busan, which has been increasing its international reputation in opening many global events like film festivals and motor shows.[1]

Prize Pool[edit]


Any nation may send up to three players for any individual (1v1) game and up to two teams for any team game. This is the only restriction, meaning that the United States may send as many players as Poland or Saudi Arabia or Thailand. The only other restriction is expense, some nations may have more funding available, some may choose to concentrate more players into fewer games; it is the national organizer's prerogative and WCG international often has no say in the matter.[2]

Most Nations will have a Starcraft 2 Qualifier. For more Information about these qualifiers, see the main pages for these qualifiers.

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss (22) Terran (14) Zerg (22)
France ToD Germany GoOdy Sweden MorroW
Finland elfi Thailand RedArchon China F91
Finland Welmu Russia Happy China XiGua
China MacSed Ukraine Kas Armenia Kelevra
El Salvador Josh Ukraine Strelok Chile KiLLeR
Germany Socke Serbia Beastyqt Germany DarKFoRcE
United Kingdom BlinG Italy ClouD Taiwan Sen
Russia TitaN Mexico Maker Japan breek
Belgium Spoon Peru Fenix Russia Aristeo
Bulgaria Splendour South Korea Mvp Ukraine DIMAGA
Singapore nirvAnA South Korea MarineKing Belgium Orly
Malaysia Cobo South Korea SuperNova Australia mOOnGLaDe
Poland SLiDeR [† 1] Croatia Deny Belarus LoWeLy
Namibia wern Ecuador Akiles Panama Souke
Canada KiWiKaKi Switzerland biGs
Austria xEi [† 2] Norway Snute
Denmark BabyKnight Philippines EnDerr
Canada HuK Sweden Cytoplasm
Taiwan Hui Brazil ReasoN
Costa Rica Guandal Croatia Ptak
Hungary Gorky Bulgaria JacK
Argentina Capoch United States IdrA
  1. SLiDeR instead of Nerchio. Nerchio declined his slot.

National Qualifiers[edit]

These Nations have confirmed that they will have a Starcraft 2 Qualifier:

Country Players Slots
Argentina Argentina 1
Armenia Armenia 1
Australia Australia 12 1
Austria Austria[3] 4 1
Belarus Belarus
Belgium Belgium** 2
Brazil Brazil 1
Bulgaria Bulgaria 1
Canada Canada 32 2
Chile Chile 16 1
China China 14 3
Taiwan Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)
Croatia Croatia[4] 42 2
Ecuador Ecuador
El Salvador El Salvador
Finland Finland 16 2
France France 8 1
Germany Germany 16 3
Italy Italy[5] 16 1
Japan Japan[6]
South Korea Korea 32 3
Luxembourg Luxembourg** 2
Malaysia Malaysia
Mexico Mexico
Namibia Namibia[7] 16 1
Netherlands Netherlands** 2
Norway Norway[8] 1
Panama Panama
Peru Peru 16 1
Poland Poland 8 1
Russia Russia 28 3
Serbia Serbia[9] 32 1
Singapore Singapore
Sweden Sweden* 16/? 2
Switzerland Switzerland[10] 4 1
Thailand Thailand
Ukraine Ukraine 16 2
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United Kingdom 32 1
United States United States 8
*Sweden will hold 2 qualifiers
**Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg has common qualifiers (BeNeLux), two slots are allowed for the three countries.

The SC2 qualifiers of these countries are cancelled:

  • Romania
  • Costa Rica

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