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World Electronic Sports Games 2018 - Europe Qualifiers

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The World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Europe Qualifiers.

Qualified players[edit]

Protoss (6) Terran (0) Zerg (9)
From the Benelux Qualifier (1)
Netherlands Harstem
From the Britain & Iceland Qualifier (1)
United Kingdom RiSky
From the Eastern Europe Qualifier (1)
Bulgaria msrm
From the Central Europe Qualifier (1)
Italy Reynor
From the France & Monaco Qualifier (2)
France DnS
France PtitDrogo
From the Germany Qualifier (2)
Germany ShoWTimE
Germany Lambo
From the Iberia Qualifier (1)
Spain SouLeer
From the Poland Qualifier (2)
Poland MaNa
Poland Elazer
From the Russia Qualifier (1)
Russia Rail
From the Scandinavia & Baltics Qualifier (1)
Sweden SortOf
From the Serbia Qualifier (1)
Serbia ZeRoX
From the Ukraine Qualifier (1)
Ukraine Bly