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World of Sleepers LE

[e][h]World of Sleepers LE
Map Information
(Void) Castanar
Spawn Positions:
2 at 1, 7
36 seconds

Official Map Description[edit]

This dreamlike battleground provides three choices for your third base - the standard linear option, the aggressive low-ground base with a rich geyser, and the protected base located behind a row of depleted minerals.

On a later 2019 ladder season 4 edit to the map, the Rich Vespene Geyser was changed to a normal Vespene Geyser instead.

Submitted to Teamliquid Map Contest (with the name Loss Aversion).
Created by: NegativeZero

Rush Distance[edit]

The rush distance on this map is 36 seconds.


Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
World of Sleepers LE166442520122447.3%45424321153.5%30315714651.8%95245142