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[e][h] Xiaose
Commentator Information
Romanized Name:
Huang Xudong
November 3, 1982 (age 39)
Alternate IDs:
ColoUrDFiRsT, 百变人族(Impermanence Terran), 百变虫族(Impermanence Aerg),毒奶色(Xiaose the Poisonous Milker), MagicTerran
Approx. Total Winnings:
2015-06-08 — 2017-12-18
2017-12-18 — 2021-02-13
2021-02-13 — Present

Huang "Xiaose" Xudong, or "ColoUrDFiRsT" is a Chinese caster and observer, and a member of the casting group SCBoy. He primarily plays Zerg, but also Random, especially with F91 in their frequent showmatch, IQ Cup. His official role was the project manager for games and e-sports at Chinese broadcasting organization NeoTV. For now, he has started his own business together with F91 and Haohan '肾亏' Zhang with registered capital of 16.66 million CNY.[1] He is also currently a member of KaiZi Gaming. Additionally, he is the Chief Hypeman of the Overwatch Team Shanghai Dragons.


Xiaose started his Brood War practices in the late 1990s. Due to various reasons, he finally decided to be a commentator rather than a progamer. According to himself, he once did greatly in a Brood War tournament held in Taiwan, only to lose to Sen in the semi-final.[2] Xiaose devotes himself to popularizing StarCraft II in China.

At NeoTV, Xiaose earned camera chances by insightful commentary. Xiaose gave fluent commentary in Brood War Games of WCG Games, in which NeoTV had exlusive broadcasting rights in China.

StarCraft II[edit]

Starting from the early stages of the beta of the Wings of Liberty, the market of Brood War Television began to fall steadily. Xiaose decided to switch to StarCraft II early. He has still commented the WCG Games as well as other competitions such as the Kung Fu Cup, which he helped to fund and organise. His stream provides an alternative to the official English commentary of foreign tournaments for viewers on mainland China, in Hong Kong and Taiwan.[3] More people watched Xiaose's stream over the official Chinese stream during the WCS 2014 finals.[Citation needed]

During the early days of Wings of Liberty, NeoTV had a partnership with GSL to stream games to the mainland China market. This helped Xiaose and his casting partner MsJoy build up a strong profile. Steadily gaining popularity in the Chinese-speaking world, they were sometimes compared with legendary English casting Archon Tastosis for their mix of insight and humor.[by whom?]

In the showmatches of playoffs of Starcraft League 2015, The King of Chicken #1, he got the first "winner".[4]

In 2021, Xiaose joined KaiZi Gaming.[5]

"Poisonous Milk"[edit]

Similar to the Artosis Curse, Xiaose's track record of predictions (both pre-game and in-game) since 2014 have been infamously poor. This has led to many fans dubbing his predictions "poisonous milk".

For exhaustive list please view this site. Here is a non-exhaustive list of occurrences of the poisonous milk:

  • In the Ro32 of 2014 GSL Season 3 Code S, during the loser's match between INnoVation and ParalyzE, Xiaose declared that he "[couldn't] see any way for INnoVation to win this game, as ParalyzE [had] played perfectly". No later than a few seconds after making this comment, ParalyzE lost his entire army (about 90 supply) in the middle of Merry Go Round. INnoVation won that game, and went on to win the entire tournament.
  • In the same tournament, he exclaimed that he would commit seppuku if Stork lost his Ro32 GSL match to Trust. In a PvP where Stork was leading in tech, upgrades, and about 25 supply, Xiaose declared that it was an un-losable game for Stork. However, during a crucial fight, Stork was out-microed by Trust who went on to win the map on King Sejong Station. This incident was notable as the Artosis Curse can also be said to apply, as Artosis also said that Stork was in a nearly un-losable position. Predictably, Xiaose did not actually go ahead with seppuku.
  • In the Quarterfinals of IEM Season IX - Toronto,casting the 5th game between FlaSh and Snute, and being a fan of FlaSh, Xiaose declared prematurely that "Snute [was] in a very difficult spot. He [had] proven that he [was] one of the best foreigners. But there [was] little he [could] do. After all he [was] facing God. A deity. The greatest StarCraft II player. No, the greatest StarCraft player." At this point, right when Xiaose said those words, FlaSh instantly lost 9 Hellions to 6 Banelings from Snute.
  • At a pre-match analysis with F91 during BlizzCon 2014, he picked Zest, Classic, soO, TaeJa, herO and INnoVation to win the 2014 WCS Global Finals, while dismissing Life, the eventual winner, as "a pretty chicken player these days". None of the six players that Xiaose favored made it to the tournament finals.
  • In the final of IEM Season IX - Taipei, when Maru was ahead Life by 3:1, he said:" someone wants to see the 7th match. I will grant your wish." Than he claimed that Life was a "chicken" again. Finally Life won the last 3 matches and got the champion.
  • In the GPL 2015 International Challenge he sent a large ruler as a gift to Flash and wished him to "play well" in the following year. After a few days Flash declared his retirement.
  • In the final of NationWars III, Xiaose declared that although MarineLorD had excellent performance in the past series, Hydra would be a strong opponent for him. He claimed that Korean players were able to play under great pressure even MarineLorD had advantages in the first game. Later he said that PartinG was as good as Zhang Liao, a famous general in ancient China; and INnoVation was Lu Bu, the strongest warrior in the three kingdoms. "How can Lu Bu lose twice?" he asked before the 5th match, "don't you remember how he all-killed Finland?" Then he claimed that he would replace his ID by "毒奶色“ which means "Poisonous Milk Se" if INnoVation lost the 5th game. He kept his word. This picture made by fans demonstrated how Xiaose "helped" France to win the final.
  • In the Dreamhack Austin 2016, just like BlizzCon 2014, he picked six player as 'definitely one would win': uThermal, Nerchio, Neeb, Hydra, Harstem and viOLet. ShoWTimE, which he described as 'quite a chicken player', eventually got the championship. Even before the final game between ShoWTimE and Nerchio, he predicted that ShoWTimE had absolutely no chance to win. 'Showtime in the final means he wants to send the championship to Nerchio', said him.

This video summarizes many of his "poisonous" predictions. In addition, he would always insist that 'I'm a professional caster, how can I be wrong about this situation' before poisoning. This video is a funny video for him to quote his words in a song, which all related to his famous poisonous milk experience. This video wins a great amount of play times since its release.


  • Xiaose (小色) literally means 'colour' in Chinese.
  • His given name, "旭东" (Xudong) means that the sun rises in the east (Chinese: 旭日东升 or 太阳从东边升起). The same meaning is about Nice's name, "黄昱翔" - "昱" also means sunrise.
  • In an interview, Ein stated that Xiaose taught him to "always boast about [oneself] first".[6]
  • Xiaose and F91 often call each other "Good Brother (好哥哥)" after losing the IQ Cup to trade for another chance.
  • Xiaose is a fan of Jaedong since the Brood War era, and has claimed to be "an apostle of Flash". Also, he would accuse his casting partner of being 'a fan of Stork' for fun.[7]
  • The slogan: "Beat Huang Xudong to death (干死黄旭东)" is very popular among Chinese SC2 community, and such slogan can often be seen in different tournaments worldwide. The effects of doing so are said to include "adding two attack upgrades to Roaches (蟑螂加两攻)", "making Colossi able to shoot air (巨像能对空)" and "adding charge to Archons (白球带冲锋)".[8]
  • He likes to say "How am I supposed to keep casting this game?" after "poisoning" a player with his milk.[9]
  • Known as 'the janitor of the pro gate', i.e., those who can beat him are considered with pro competence.
  • He is a self-claimed fan of Serie A sides AC Milan and Fiorentina .

Notable Events Casted[edit]

DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2022-01-23A1PremierGold Series Team ChampionshipWorld Team League 2021 WinterChinese Commentator
2022-01-16A1PremierDH SC2 Masters 2021: Last Chance 2022Chinese Commentator
2021-07-11A1PremierGold Series Team ChampionshipWorld Team League 2021 SummerChinese Commentator
2021-02-28A1PremierIntel Extreme MastersIEM Katowice 2021Chinese Commentator
2020-10-11A1PremierGold Series Team ChampionshipGold Series Team Championship 2020 FallChinese Commentator
2020-10-11A1PremierKing of Battles: KB International ChampionshipChinese Commentator
2019-06-16A1PremierGold SeriesGold Professional Championship 2019 Season 1Chinese Commentator
2019-03-17A1PremierWorld Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports Games 2018Chinese Commentator
2018-11-03A1PremierWorld Championship Series2018 WCS Global FinalsOther Language Commentator
2018-09-09A1PremierWorld Championship Series2018 WCS MontrealOther Language Commentator
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