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yoe Flash Wolves

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[e][h]yoe Flash Wolves
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Taiwan  JoJo
Taiwan  Leaf
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yoe Flash Wolves (pronounced as 'yo-E flash wolves') is a Taiwanese StarCraft II team that competes in the TeSL. It was formerly known as Xpec Ironmen, but on 1 August 2012, the team changed name to "yoe Ironmen" after 網銀國際 WANIN BANK took over the team as main sponsor in place of Xpec.[1] In August 2013, the Ironmen became the Flash Wolves.[2]


As Xpec Ironmen Xpec IronmenXpec Ironmen[edit]


  • December 10, The team has been founded .

As yoe Ironmen yoe Ironmenyoe Ironmen[edit]


  • August 1, The team is sponsored by WANIN BANK and renames to yoe Ironmen.[3]


  • April 19, JoJo plays his last competitive game and moves on to become coach for yoe Ironmen.[4]
  • April 26, Has joins the professionals after qualifying for TeSL.[5]

As yoe Flash Wolves yoe Flash Wolvesyoe Flash Wolves[edit]

  • August 27, yoe Ironmen change name to yoe Flash Wolves.[16]
  • September 1, Slam's contract with Gama Bears expires, and he joins the Flash Wolves.[17]
  • October 1, yoe recruits incumbent TeSL champion, and the first non-national on a Taiwanese team, San.[18]
  • October 23, yoe recruits 13-year old Grandmaster player, Railgun, for its academy team.[19]

Player Roster[edit]


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
TaiwanBaiChoi Jun Bai201?-??-??201?-??-??Tt ApollosTt Apollos Tt Apollos
TaiwanCellChen MingCheng201?-??-??2016-04-19Team SPACECRAFTTeam SPACECRAFT Team SPACECRAFT
TaiwanFZJRich Sub Ka201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
TaiwanGoWYe Bang Yan201?-??-??201?-??-??Gama BearsGama Bears Gama Bears
TaiwanHasKe Yu Feng013-04-262016-11-??OSC EliteOSC Elite OSC Elite
TaiwanHuiYuan Jin Hui2011-??-??2014-03-03 Retirement
TaiwanIanLu Chia Hung2012-08-072015-10-06
South KoreaLeenockLee Dong-nyoung2014-01-282015-08-31SBENUSBENU SBENU
TaiwanNiceHuang Yu Xiang2015-07-012016-01-02Brave HeartBrave Heart Brave Heart
TaiwanNilonSu Sheng Yong201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
South KoreaPartinGWon Lee-sak2014-10-162016-01-06PSISTORM GamingPSISTORM Gaming PSISTORM Gaming
TaiwanPowerWu Feng Da201?-??-??201?-??-??Tt ApollosTt Apollos Tt Apollos
South KoreaSanKang Cho Won2013-10-012015-08-31
TaiwanSlamLiu Yan Cheng2013-09-012015-04-28 Retirement
TaiwanVanillaChou Yu Ta201?-??-??2015-04-28 Retirement
TaiwanwiNsCao Zhi Wei201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
Taiwan JoJo胡裕強 Hu Yu Jiang Coach
Taiwan Leaf張宇 Zhang Yu Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

2015-12-27EC5 - 8thA2MajorStarcraft League 2015Starcraft League 20155-4-5Grp S.$800
2014-08-16BA2ndA3Minor (Sh.M.)Iron Forum NightIron Forum Night4 : 5Team AcerTeam Acer$0
2014-06-15BA2ndA3MinorEsports Champion League 2014: SpringEsports Champion League 2014: Spring2 : 3Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming$3,220
2014-01-23AA1stA9UndefinedIronMan Team CupIronMan Team Cup3 : 2StarTaleStarTale$0
2011-08-30AA1stA9UndefinedTaiwan eSports League 2011Taiwan eSports League 20114 : 3Tt ApollosTt Apollos$0
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