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[e][h]ZOTAC Cup
Series Information
Start Date:
End Date:
Game version:
1v1, Single-elimination
Cumulative Prize Pool:
≃ $25,044 USD
Liquipedia Tier:


The ZOTAC cup is a weekly, open-access tournament that gives out 100 euros to the winner of the European one-day tournament, and 100 dollars to the winner of the North American one-day tournament. It is recognized in the Warcraft III community, with more than 300 installments for that game alone. Originally planning the first StarCraft II beta tournament for the 10-02-21, it was pushed back to 10-02-28, due to waiting for confirmation from Blizzard.

In preparation for StarCraft II, ZOTAC began running a weekly cup for StarCraft: Brood War to spread awareness in the StarCraft community of their competition. They ran 35 weekly cups before stopping the tournaments for their StarCraft II beta competitions.

The ZOTAC cups are played at 2pm CEST every Sunday and individual cups are currently held only for EU. The last NA cup was held on January 25, 2014.[1]

Starting July 2011, ZOTAC organized a Monthly finals gathering the top 16 players of the weekly ZOTAC Cups over a month with a prize pool increased to 800 euros. The last Monthly Finals was held on January 2014. It was replaced in 2014 by Season Finals, each season covering three months of weekly cups. The first cup was shortened to two months only due to the last Monthly January cup.

On January 30, 2015, ZOTAC announced on their homepage that they were dropping StarCraft II and FIFA to replace them with Hearthstone in Europe and North America.


Weekly Cup[edit]

  • The number of players allowed in the tournament is set with a number of sign-up spots and at the day of the tournament only half of the available sign-up spots are allowed to check-in to the actual tournament.
  • The tournament is run in Single-elimination best of one format until the quarterfinals, the maps are vetoed until one map is remaining.
  • From the quarterfinals onwards, the tournament is played in best of three format.
  • The Finals are played in a best of five format.

Monthly Final[edit]

  • Top 16 players of the weekly ZOTAC Cups over the month where they could get points as follow:
    • Cup winner: 5 Points
    • Runner up: 3 Points
    • Semi-finalist: 2 Points
    • Quarter-finalist: 1 Point
  • Single-elimination bracket.
  • All matches were best of three and the Final best of five.

Season Finals[edit]

  • Top 16 players of the weekly ZOTAC Cups over the Season (three months) where they could get points as follow:
    • Cup winner: 5 Points
    • Runner up: 3 Points
    • Semi-finalist: 2 Points
    • Quarter-finalist: 1 Point
  • Group Stage:
    • Four groups of four players each played in dual-tournament format.
    • All matches are best of three.
  • Playoffs:
    • Double-elimination bracket.
    • First place of each group start in the winners' bracket.
    • Second place of each group start in the losers' bracket.
    • All matches are Best of three and the Final best of five.


Season Finals[edit]

Year Season Dates 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Replay pack
2014 Season 4 2015-01-19 - 2015-01-21 South Korea Terran Polt France Protoss Lilbow Poland Zerg Nerchio Ukraine Terran Kas
2014 Season 3 2014-11-20 - 2014-11-22 South Korea Terran YoDa France Protoss Lilbow Poland Zerg Nerchio South Korea Protoss First
2014 Season 2 2014-08-27 - 2014-08-29 South Korea Terran jjakji Russia Terran Happy Ukraine Zerg Bly South Korea Protoss Patience Download
2014 Season 1 2014-04-30 - 2014-05-02 South Korea Zerg HyuN South Korea Protoss First South Korea Terran jjakji South Korea Protoss Hurricane Download

Monthly Finals[edit]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Year Month 1st 2nd 3rd
2014 January South Korea Protoss Arthur South Korea Zerg Solar Poland Zerg Tefel
2013 December South Korea Zerg Armani Poland Zerg Tefel Poland Zerg Nerchio
2013 November South Korea Terran jjakji Ukraine Zerg Bly South Korea Protoss Arthur
2013 October South Korea Zerg Solar South Korea Protoss eMotion Poland Zerg Tefel
2013 September South Korea Zerg Solar South Korea Protoss Trend South Korea Protoss Arthur
2013 August Poland Zerg Nerchio South Korea Protoss TAiLS South Korea Protoss Tassadar
2013 July Ukraine Zerg Bly Finland Protoss elfi Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA
2013 June Spain Zerg VortiX South Korea Zerg Lucky Ukraine Zerg Bly
2013 May Poland Zerg Tefel Sweden Zerg hOpe Poland Zerg Nerchio
2013 April Norway Zerg Snute South Korea Terran Polt South Korea Protoss TAiLS
2013 March South Korea Zerg HyuN Poland Zerg DaNa United Kingdom Zerg JonnyREcco
2013 February South Korea Zerg HyuN Russia Terran Happy South Korea Protoss Arthur

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Year Month 1st 2nd 3rd
2013 January Norway Zerg Snute South Korea Zerg HyuN Ukraine Protoss fraer
2012 December Finland Protoss Welmu Russia Zerg LiveZerg Ukraine Protoss fraer
2012 November South Korea Zerg HyuN South Korea Zerg Revival Russia Protoss siw
2012 October South Korea Protoss Sage Ukraine Protoss fraer South Korea Protoss TAiLS
2012 September Ukraine Protoss fraer South Korea Zerg Revival South Korea Zerg HyuN
2012 August Poland Zerg Nerchio South Korea Zerg HyuN Ukraine Protoss fraer
2012 July South Korea Zerg HyuN Russia Protoss TitaN Ukraine Protoss fraer
2012 June South Korea Zerg HyuN South Korea Zerg Revival Ukraine Zerg Bly
2012 May Russia Protoss TitaN Ukraine Protoss fraer South Korea Zerg HyuN
2012 April Ukraine Zerg Bly Portugal Zerg sYz Russia Zerg LiveZerg
2012 March Ukraine Protoss fraer Sweden Protoss Seiplo South Korea Protoss Crane
2012 February Ukraine Protoss fraer Belarus Zerg LoWeLy South Korea Zerg HyuN
2012 January Ukraine Protoss fraer Sweden Protoss Seiplo South Korea Zerg Revival
2011 December Ukraine Zerg Bly Serbia Terran Beastyqt Germany Terran GoOdy
2011 November South Korea Zerg viOLet Germany Terran GoOdy South Korea Zerg Sleep
2011 October Poland Zerg Nerchio Serbia Terran Beastyqt Russia Terran Happy
2011 September Germany Zerg DarKFoRcE Germany Zerg roof Poland Zerg Nerchio
2011 August Germany Terran GoOdy Spain Terran LucifroN Poland Zerg Nerchio
2011 July Poland Zerg Nerchio South Korea Terran Rain South Korea Terran sC

Weekly Cups[edit]

Europe Cups[edit]

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North American Cups[edit]

All results can be found here.

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