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Team Information
Yun Hee-Won (윤희원)
Team Captain:
Kim "SuHoSin" Soo Ho
Solo Achievements
BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft II Invitational2011 Global StarCraft II League July: Code A
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2012-07-13 - Acquired by StarTale
2012-06-01 - Cutter Retires


ZeNEX was a team formed in the early release of SC2 as result of a merger between clans Zenith and NEX, which happened on October 18, 2010.[1] Many members of ZeNEX had chosen to keep their NEX and Zenith ID's but still refer to their team as ZeNEX. The ZeNEX tag is put before a player's name.

ZeNEX was a strong team in the early GSL days, but lost a lot of power as many of its more notable members have left for other teams.

Looking for sponsors, the manager made a thread on TeamLiquid which was noted for its catchy title, ZeNEX wants 'the THING'

On May 4th 2012, ZeNEX announced a partnership between themselves and Team Legion.[2] This partnership would mean that the players of both teams would play under the same banner. ZeNEX's sponsor situation would also be alleviated as Legion's sponsors would transfer over to the ZeNEX side of the team as well. Both teams were to begin streaming more so that more content around the teams could be created.

On July 13th 2012, StarTale coach Won Joong Wook announced that Team ZeNEX would be merged into StarTale.[3]

Player Roster[edit]

ZeNEX roster: TREME, Line, Jjun, Cutter and Avenge

Players acquired by StarTale[edit]

ID Name
KoreaSouth Korea P Avenge Kim Nam Joong
KoreaSouth Korea P Brain Kim Dong Gyu
KoreaSouth Korea T Harrier Ju Han Jin
KoreaSouth Korea Z Life Lee Seung Hyun
KoreaSouth Korea Z Pet Park Nam Kyu
KoreaSouth Korea T Sparta Hwang Wi Jin
KoreaSouth Korea Z SuHoSin () Kim Soo Ho
KoreaSouth Korea P TREME Park Joon Sung


ID Name New Team
KoreaSouth Korea P LegalMind Kim Kyung Soo SlayerS
KoreaSouth Korea T Flint Kim Byung Joon Unknown/Retired
KoreaSouth Korea T ButterflyEffect Baek Seung Ju Unknown/Retired
KoreaSouth Korea P San Kang Cho-Won New Star HoSeo
KoreaSouth Korea P BanBans Seo Myung Deok New Star HoSeo
KoreaSouth Korea Z SiKaRi Jang Young Hoon Unknown/Retired
KoreaSouth Korea T Jjun Jung Hye Joon Unknown/Retired
KoreaSouth Korea Z Kyrix Han Joon Unknown/Retired
KoreaSouth Korea T RyoO Tae Hyung Ryoo Unknown/Retired
KoreaSouth Korea P YangSongE Jung Dong Hyun MVP
KoreaSouth Korea P Mentalist Kim Chung In Military Service
krSouth Korea P FreeSaGa Ahn Kook Jin Unknown/Retired
krSouth Korea T IsSuE Park Hong Min Unknown/Retired
krSouth Korea T LiveForever Kim Tae Hwan Retired
krSouth Korea T Explosion Jang Se Hoon Unknown/Retired
krSouth Korea Z NaYa Kim Chan Joong DuSt Gaming
krSouth Korea Z DeParture Hyun Sung Min Fnatic
krSouth Korea Z TanDongHo Tan Dong Ho Dignitas
KoreaSouth Korea Z CoCa Choi Jong Hwan SlayerS
KoreaSouth Korea T TaeJa Yoon Young Suh SlayerS
South KoreaSouth Korea Protoss Puzzle Kim Sang-Joon SlayerS
South KoreaSouth Korea Terran Hack Kim Young Il StarTale
South KoreaSouth Korea Protoss Genius Jung Min Soo MVP
South KoreaSouth Korea Terran ByuN Byun Hyun Woo Prime
South KoreaSouth Korea Terran IceCream Cho Jae Won Old Generations
South KoreaSouth Korea Protoss Yong Hong Sung Yong Vile
South KoreaSouth Korea Protoss cOre Ahn Jung Min Prime
KoreaSouth Korea T Cutter Kim Yong Soon Retired


Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2012-06-02 2012 KSL Team League Season 1 2 : 6
Date Event Result
2011-02-10 2011 Global StarCraft II Team League February 1 : 4
2011-01-31 Zotac Team Invitational Season 2 1 : 4

Highlight Videos[edit]