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Georgi Marinov
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Georgi "ZeeRaX" Marinov is a Protoss player from Bulgaria who is currently teamless.


ZeeRaX played StarCraft Brood War competitively since the game was released and had good success in Bulgarian tournaments but was not known internationally. When Warcraft III was released he switched and for a short time became a pro player for the team SK. He went to several international tournaments including WCG. With the release of StarCraft II he made yet another switch and has been constantly ranked in the top 100 of the European ladder.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

ZeeRaX plays mainly Protoss but sometime uses Terran in practice matches or in smaller tournaments. ZeeRaX made it into the TSL3 on points and was matched up against Mondragon in the round of 32. He lost 2-0 and has since faded into obscurity.


  • ZeeRaX is a professional poker player.[Citation needed]
  • He played mainly Zerg in StarCraft.
  • He played Human in Warcraft III.


In A1Premier tournaments
2011-03-2717 - 32ndPokerStrategy.com TSL32011-03-270 : 2 Mondragon$150
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