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Zenith of Origin

[e][h]Zenith of Origin
Team Information
Team Captain:
逆风网咖(NucleaR's cafe)
Tt eSports
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2015-05-02 - DyyS joins
2015-05-12 - MSK joins
2015-06-08 - Courage, HunteR, Mayuki and Kurafi leave

Zenith of Origin, often abbreviated to ZOO, was a Chinese League of Legends and StarCraft II team with a teamhouse in Beijing. The team was formed by former Chinese SC2 pro LoveTt, recruiting his former team PhoenixTeam.
On February 10, 2017 the team disbanded.[1]


  • February 2nd, Zenith of Origin closes its Starcraft II division.[2]
  • In early January, SmileBoy admits in a forum post that Kurafi had and Cyan had joined the team. It is further revealed that Kurafi started to represent the team since November 16th, 2014, while Cyan joined the academy squad since December 6th.[6] Cyan will be staying in the team house during the spring break.
  • YSMS joins the academy in January.
  • After Feb 2015, Sakya and Zycart are thought to be professional.[7]
  • March 1st, Zenith of Origin was sponsored by Alienware.[8]
  • April 26th, TIME, a 14 years old terran player, joins the team's academy squad.
  • May 2nd, DyyS joins the academy squad, while MSK joins the team on May 12th.
  • June 8th, inactive players, Courage, Mayuki, HunteR and Kurafi leave and join X-Team.
  • After World Leisure Games 2015 (September 9th), TIME leaves.
  • In March, Loner leaves the team and retires from competitive scene of StarCraft II, transferring to Hero of the Storm.
  • August 3nd, the club opens its academy squad.[9]
  • August 7th, Sakya joins in the club as the first training member, with Zycart joining 1 week later. It is also revealed that How has retired.[10][11][12]
  • August 19th, HunteR, a big name in Chinese College Starcraft League joins the team as the coach of the academy squad.[13]
  • September 11th, Top leaves due to personal reasons.[14]
  • In early December, Rushcrazy temporarily joined the team in order to attend the offline event National Electronic Sports Open 2014.
  • September 28th, LoveTt, the manager of the team, was fired due to theft of team funds and player salaries.[Citation needed]
  • October 5th, Loner joined the team.[15]
  • December 3rd, TooDming leaved Long Chen, and joined the team.[16]
  • The team moved from Shanghai to Beijing in December.[17]

Player Roster[edit]

Player Roster at the Time of Disbandement[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
ChinaChickWu Chuantao (吴传涛)2015-05-122017-02-10 X-Team
ChinaDyySHan Fangming (韩方明)2015-05-022017-02-02
ChinaLoupHong Mu (洪穆)2012-12-272017-02-10
ChinaPunkPang Hao (庞昊)2015-06-302017-02-10
ChinaSakyaLyu Tiecheng (吕铁成)2014-08-142017-02-10 TVS Gaming
ChinaTooDming CaptainHuang Huiming (黄慧明)2013-12-032017-02-10 TVS Gaming
ChinaYSMSLi Jiahao (李嘉豪)2015-01-012017-02-02
ChinaZycartZhai Yichen (翟祎琛)2014-08-142017-02-10


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
ChinaCourageQian Zanqi (钱赞企)2012-12-272015-06-08 X-Team
ChinaCyanHuang Min (黄旻)2015-01-042015-04-30 Brave Heart
ChinaGeminiGuo Jiayi (郭家毅)201?-??-??201?-??-?? TouHou Project
ChinaHowWu Jianhao (吴键浩)2012-12-272014-08-01 Retirement
ChinaHunteRZhang Kaiyuan (张开元)2014-08-192015-06-08 X-Team
ChinaKurafiHuang Feipeng (黄飞鹏)2014-11-162015-06-08 X-Team
ChinaLonerDai Yi (戴逸)2013-10-052014-03-31 Retirement
ChinaMayukiMa Xue (马雪)2014-??-??2015-06-08 X-Team
ChinaRushcrazyQu Tianchi (瞿天驰)2014-12-012014-12-07 Nexus Team
ChinaSilkyYin Yongxin (殷泳鑫)2018-07-052018-10-04 Ocean Gaming
ChinaTIMELi Peinan (李培楠)2015-04-262015-09-09 SoloAsR
ChinaTopHu Tao (胡涛)2012-12-272014-09-11 Hist

Former Academy[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
Chinafate CaptainChen Benhang (陈本行)
ChinaYSMS CaptainLi Jiahao (李嘉豪)


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
Hong Kong SmileBoy Lau Kwun-Wai (劉冠偉) Manager
China Loup Hong Mu (洪穆) Player-manager
China VAECNautumnL Lin Jiajun (林佳郡) Director of Technology
China NucleaR Wang Zongwei (王宗炜) Sponsor
China TooDming Huang Huiming (黄慧明) Player-coach
China YSMS Li Jiahao (李嘉豪) Announcer


Former Staff
ID Name Position
China LoveTt Liu Yin (刘寅) Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2015-12-27 5 - 8th A2Major Starcraft League 2015 1-8-5 Grp. S. $800
2014-06-15 3rd A3Minor Esports Champion League 2014: Spring 1 : 3 $1,610.44


The former team manager of ZOO, LoveTt, has recently been accused of making false accounts for his own benefit and taking the team's salary. Internet sources report LoveTt purchased a BMW with the money he gained through such actions.[19] This claim was first posted on's Tieba, and then quickly spread across several major eSports websites. Multiple people have supported this claim, affirming its authenticity. Soon, the League of Legends division of ZOO released screenshots of communication with LoveTt showing LoveTt indeed took the team's salary and confirmed authenticity of this claim, at least within the LoL division of ZOO.[20] As of September 26, 2013, LoveTt himself has remained silent regarding this controversy.[21]


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