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Zerg Regeneration

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The Zerg Regeneration mechanic is a permanent, passive attribute of all Zerg units and buildings. It allows an injured Zerg unit or structure to fully regenerate its health. Once damage is done to a Zerg unit, it begins to regenerate health, unlike Protoss Plasma Shields, which require 10 seconds of no combat activity.


  • Health regenerates at a rate of 0.38 points per game second.
  • Zerg units and structures begin to regenerate health the instant damage is taken.
  • The instant start to regeneration allows Zerg units and structures to survive spells that would otherwise kill it.
  • For example, prior to patch 3.11.0, a full-health Hydralisk will survive a single full Psionic Storm, even though it is an 80 HP unit taking 80 damage.

In Combination with Spells[edit]


  • Units don't regenerate health at an increased rate when on Creep, a possible misconception during and prior to the StarCraft II beta.
  • Zerg regeneration of structures continues even when the structure is not supported by creep. The structure loses health at a net rate of 3.82 health per second, linearly (the combination of 4.2 hps loss and 0.38 hps regeneration).