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Player Information
Jessica Chernega
May 5, 1991 (age 30)
ZG, Zombie, Grub
Total Earnings:
2012-12-?? — 2013-09-??
2014-06-27 — 2014-08-10

Jessica "ZombieGrub" Chernega is a Terran player and caster.


ZombieGrub's StarCraft experience started with playing StarCraft 64 with her two older brothers, before eventually getting the PC version sometime in 2007.

She bought StarCraft II upon release. However, despite being familiar with Brood War, she would only learn of the world of competitive gaming around late 2010, and would only seriously consider playing StarCraft II in mid-2011.

She graduated from The Art Institutes with a BFA in Media Arts & Animation and a focus on 3D Environment & Prop Modeling in 2013.

In 2015, she taught 'Intro to Starcraft' at the NYU Game Center from September to December. The class had originally been taught by Axslav, with its syllabus focusing on learning StarCraft 2 as a game and the concepts of improving oneself and war strategies. ZombieGrub shifted the focus onto StarCraft as an esport, with classes on its history, the growth of esports, and how future game developers can think of incorporating esports into their design. The syllabus can be found here.

In October 2017, ZombieGrub announced that she was stepping down from BaseTradeTV as a permanent caster to a more freelance role, citing a desire to expand her own brand in a TL blog.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Upon the release of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, ZombieGrub originally played Zerg, but switched mid 2012 to Terran because she felt Terran had more variety. She initially placed in Gold League.

Around December 2012, ZombieGrub took an active interest in becoming competitive and joined Starcraft2Strategy.

ZombieGrub began casting in 2011 after spontaneously applying to cast a small tournament that she was a part of. The organizer approved of her casting, and so she was recruited as the regular caster of the league. She went on to cast clanwars until being recruited as the official caster for the Under Rated Team League in seasons 1 and 2.

Her first big break as a caster would come from casting the IEM Season VII Singapore: American Qualifiers with Zanderfever. ZombieGrub began casting with BaseTradeTV in April, 2013, when she cast the ZOTAC Monthly Final March 2013.[1]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Shortly after the official release of Heart of the Swarm, ZombieGrub placed in Masters League on the NA server. She would continue to cast for the Under Rated Team League Season 2, but would also begin to branch out into community streams.

Since June, 2013, ZombieGrub has casted for several Premier Tournaments, including the 2013 WCS Season 3 EU Challenger League.

In 2014, ZombieGrub was chosen as one of the five members of Team Polt for the CSN Training Camp reality web series. She and Kaitlyn were the last participants of their teams and battled it out in the grand finals. ZombieGrub was swept in the series, resulting in Team Violet's victory.

In early 2015, ZombieGrub decided to go into esports full time. For WCS Toronto 2015, ZombieGrub and Rifkin placed in the Redbull Archon Tournament. In summer of 2015, BaseTradeTV helped fundraise enough money to send Rifkin and ZombieGrub to Homestory Cup, and that would be their first offline casting gig. Shortly after, ZombieGrub cast live with Rifkin, Crank, and Livibee for Hell It's Aboot Time.

The rest of 2015 was dedicated to casting Legacy of the Void beta.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

In the Legacy of the Void beta, ZombieGrub and Rifkin found an interest in Archon mode, and would create tournaments based off that interest and belief it would grow into an appealing aspect of SC2. They placed GM on the Archon ladder before becoming disinterested in it due to increasingly long ladder wait time.

In May 2016 for Dreamhack Austin, ZombieGrub cast the CSL finals live, and had a guest-cast appearance on the main stage for Bly vs. Hydra.

In November 2016, ZombieGrub cast the Olimoleague live in Busan, Korea. She stayed there for a month and helped set up the BasetradeTV Korea House.

In December 2016, ZombieGrub was invited to cast NationWars live in Paris, France. From December 2016 to January 2017, she would be one of 4 main casters for NationWars IV.

She participated in the EsportsEarnings Casters Invitational and placed top 8.

ZombieGrub cast her first premier event in 2017 at WCS Montreal and was later invited to the WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon.

In mid 2018 she organized the Banshee Tournaments, a tournament series open to all women, regardless of gender identity.

Tournaments Cast[edit]




  • Is an active member of the DC Community and has attended many SC2/BW LANs.
  • Thanks to the DC Community, has become a fan/player of Brood War, and even played in/cast the Girls Mini Tour hosted/cast by NinaZerg.
  • Favorite progamer and role model is SlayerS_'BoxeR'.
  • Owns an original SlayerS jacket.


In A2Major tournaments
2018-12-219 - 12thQLASH Casters InvitationalZZZZZ1-2Grp S.$54
In A3Minor tournaments
2019-03-208thTwitch Rivals: StarCraft 2 Arcade Showdown NAZZZZZ$330
2017-07-085 - 8thEsportsEarnings Casters InvitationalZZZZZ0 : 3 ToD$73
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