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[e][h] Beater
Player Information
Rune Martinussen
Alternate IDs:
2015-01-22 - 2015-09-29

Rune "Beater" Martinussen is a Danish Team Fortress 2 player, commentator and observer.


He is most known for his YouTube channel where he creates high quality frag videos, including the highly commended "Legacy" [1] series, focusing on individual successful players like b4nny, MikeyA and ShaDowBurn.

Beater has also been an ETF2L Premiership Medic and High level Soldier during his time with the game, most notably playing for Danish team LEGO in Seasons 20 and 21 and has also casted for


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2019-02-10 C929 - 32nd A3C-Tier ESL ESL Community European Open Cup 1 Beer & BaconBeer & Bacon $0
2018-03-29 A912 - 13th A2B-Tier CPH Games Copenhagen Games 2018 gucci ganggucci gang 1/0/5 Grp. S. $0
2017-01-19 A77 - 8th A5Qualifier ETF2L ETF2L Season 26: Preseason Premiership Playoffs ladyboys and NeuTronasladyboys and NeuTronas 1 : 2 loli squadloli squad $0
2015-07-26 A77th A2B-Tier ETF2L ETF2L Season 21: Premiership Tier LEGOLEGO 2/0/0/12 Grp. S. $0
2015-05-14 A22nd A5Qualifier ETF2L ETF2L Season 21: Preseason Premiership Playoffs LEGOLEGO 0 : 2 WonderlandWonderland $0
2015-03-29 A88th A2B-Tier ETF2L ETF2L Season 20: Premiership Tier LEGOLEGO 1/0/1/12 Grp. S. $0
2015-01-29 A11 - 2nd A5Qualifier ETF2L ETF2L Season 20: Preseason Premiership Playoffs LEGOLEGO 2 : 1 Team ColonslashTeam Colonslash $0
2013-09-02 A55 - 8th A3C-Tier ETF2L ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup #2 DenmarkDenmark 0 : 2 FranceFrance $0
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