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Competitive (6v6)

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The official competitive gamemode of Team Fortress 2 is known as 6v6 (also known as 6's or 6s). It is the gamemode practiced in the game's official matchmaking mode, as well as leagues across the world.


6v6 was the first competitive gamemode conceived for Team Fortress 2, as early as during the game's beta in 2007.[1] Due to its age, 6v6 was the only gamemode practiced by tournaments and leagues during the late 2000s, and has retained much of its ruleset and meta from its original incarnation during the Team Fortress 2 Beta. The gamemode's emphasis on traditional playstyles and restrictions on off-classes have led to controversary over the gamemode's viability as the primary gamemode of competitive Team Fortress 2.


6v6 is well known for its heavily traditional ruleset with a strict weapon whitelist. Typically there is a universal class limit of one, with two Scouts and two Soldiers allowed, however some regions also allow two Pyros, two Snipers, and two Spies as well. As such, the traditional 6v6 team composition is as such:

  • 2 Scouts
  • 2 Soldiers
    • 1 Roaming Soldier
    • 1 Pocket Soldier
  • 1 Demoman
  • 1 Medic

The map pool for 6v6 competitions is also traditionally strict, with a large portion comprosing of Control Point maps, with some King of the Hill maps remaining in circulation. Historically, Attack/Defend maps (and even some Capture the Flag maps) were played in the 6v6 gamemode, with Gravelpit being the most notable example.


Due to the popularity and criticism surrounding the 6v6 gamemode, variants of the gamemode have been proposed to solve certain perceived issues with the gamemode.

Prolander (6v6)[edit]

This section is about the experimental gamemode dubbed Prolander. For the 7v7 ruleset practiced by RGL, see Prolander.

Prolander was an experimental gamemode proposed in the early 2010s, as a compromise between the 6v6 and Highlander gamemodes. The gamemode was played in a 6v6 format, however featured a universal class limit of one. The gamemode never reached widespread adoption due to the gamemode forcing permanent off-classes, satisfying neither existing 6v6 or Highlander players.

No Restrictions[edit]

No Restrictions 6v6 is an experimental gamemode created and offered by RGL. The gamemode is nearly identical to that of traditional 6v6, however features no weapon whitelist nor class limits. In addition, its map pool is comparatively more diverse, featuring Payload maps and more King of the Hill maps.