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Highlander (also known as HL or 9v9) is a competitive gamemode for Team Fortress 2, played in a 9v9 format with a universal class limit of one. The gamemode was originally conceived as a more casual alternative to the more competitive 6v6 gamemode, however came to become a popular gamemode for Specialist class mains and the casual community. While less prestigous and competitive than its 6v6 counterpart, Highlander is well-known amongst the casual community due to every class being in play at all times.

While Highlander was initially considered during Team Fortress 2's competitive matchmaking beta, the gamemode was never officially implemented.


Due to every class being in play, Highlander typically has a very lax ruleset compared to 6v6, due to weapon and class counters being present at nearly all times. As such, the weapon whitelist is typically reserved only for weapons that are perceived as fundamentally broken, and thus the list of banned weapons is relatively sparse.

Due to Highlander being played in 9v9, the team structure is as such:

  • 1 Scout
  • 1 Soldier
  • 1 Pyro
  • 1 Demoman
  • 1 Heavy
  • 1 Engineer
  • 1 Medic
  • 1 Sniper
  • 1 Spy