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Attack/Defend Control Point[edit]

  • A gamemode where Team RED has to defend all the control points from Team BLU. Team BLU earns one point for every point captured.
  • The gamemode ran with a Stopwatch in watch, time is measured by how long it took you to cap points. If team 1 can cap all the points before time's up, team 2 has to capture all the control points at the time remaining team 1 was left with. For example, you cap all 3 points on a map in 4:00, the opponent must cap all the points in under 4:00 to win, and if you cap 3 points in 1:30, the opponent must either cap 3 points in under 1:30, or cap at least 4 points.

King of the Hill[edit]

  • Only one control point, the center control point.
  • A gamemode where both teams are giving 3 minutes to hold off the center control point. The team that hold the point for 3 cumulated minutes wins the round.
  • The center control point remains neutral until a team captures it.

Symmetric Control Point[edit]

  • Otherwise known as 5CP.
  • A tug-of-war type gamemode where each team has to capture an entire map (all 5 control points) to win a round.
  • Best of 5 (or have 5 more points in ETF2L and ozfortress), with a 30 minute timer for the entire match. Team with the most points wins.
  • Every point captured resets a control point timer to 9 minutes, if no other control point is captured or lost within the 9 minutes, the round resets with the match timer running.
  • If both teams win equal amount of rounds when the match timer ends, the teams are sent off to a golden cap (overtime). In which, there will be no match timer and 1 team has to score 1 point to win the entire match