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Joseph Saelee

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[e][h]Joseph Saelee
Player Information
Joseph Saelee
August 21, 2002 (age 21)
North America North America
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Joseph "JdMfX_" Saelee is a retired NES Tetris player. He is a two-time Classic Tetris World Championship winner.


2018: Debut[edit]

Saelee debuted in the 2018 edition of the Classic Tetris World Championships. He would advance in the bracket, going on to make the finals up against reigning champion Jonas Neubauer. He would sweep Neubauer 3-0 to earn his first title.

2019: Second victory[edit]

In 2019, Saelee successfully defended his title after defeating Koryan 3–2 in the finals. This would make him a two-time world champion, only second (at the time) to ever do so.

2020: First CTWC defeat[edit]

In 2020, the competition would be held online. Saelee would advance to the top 8 of the 2020 edition of the Classic Tetris Championships, and was looking to achieve his third win. However, upon facing newcomer Huffulufugus, he would fall in an unexpected 2-3 loss. This was the first time Saelee was defeated in the Classic Tetris World Championships. After his defeat, he took a month long break before competing again in January 2021.

2021: Final competitive year[edit]

Before the 2021 tournament, a new method known as rolling was introduced to the scene, which allowed for incredible movement speed. However, Saelee did not take up this new playstyle, instead sticking to the "hypertapping" technique he had won with in previous years. He was able to reach the semifinals, where he would once again face up against Huffulufugus. Saelee would be defeated in a 2-3 loss. This marked the end of Saelee's competitive career, and he would retire shortly thereafter.


  • 1 of only 3 people to hold back-to-back CTWC titles, along with Jonas Neubauer and dogplayingtetris.
  • Achieved 56 world records throughout his career, the highest in NES Tetris history.