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Please note that inclusion of pages in mainspace is ultimately up to the discretion of the Liquipedia administrators.

Sadly, not everything can be added to the wiki. We want all our pages to be as up-to-date as possible and to meet our quality standards in general. That is made harder the more pages are created, not to mention additional factors, such as the fact that lower ranked teams tend to not have social media where they announce transfers, and so on.

Now, these are not non-negotiable. This wiki contains coverage of certain teams, players and scenes that do not actually meet our guidelines, yet we allow them because there is an active volunteer(s) that keeps those pages of high-quality. This however does not mean that we will allow you to create a page for your team just because you say you will keep it up to date. On the other hand, if you were to be highly interested in, say, keeping the Spanish national scene up to date, then go ahead! In the cases where this is not the case however, all of this means we have to prioritise: we try to keep our coverage to just the top and the sub-top tier of competitive Trackmania as defined by the guidelines below. Any pages that do not meet these guidelines will not be deleted, but will be moved to your user space.

If you disagree with the decision for a certain page, please do come chat in our Discord.



Who and what to add?[edit]

Players may receive their individual pages, as long as they surpass a certain threshold of notability. Check the bullet points below. If your chosen player fits at least one of these, then they are likely notable to warrant a page on this wiki.

  • Achievements: If the player has achieved notable results, see When is a page deserved?
  • Previous history: If the player was a pro-gamer in another game (Rocket League, Counter-Strike , StarCraft 2, ...)
  • Sponsored: If the player is a notable member of a major organisation.


To create a team page or not to create?[edit]

When to create

If the team fulfills one of the following:

  • The team has notable results, see When is a page deserved?
  • The team is a well-established esport organisation with a number of sponsors, preferably with pages on the other Liquipedia wikis as well;

When not to create

  • No notable achievements
  • No website/social media
  • College/University teams are not permitted

To create a new team page, you can use our Team page tutorial.

When is a page deserved?[edit]


If the player fulfills one of the following:

  • Top 16 finish at a Tier 1 tournament
  • Top 8 finish at a Tier 2 tournament
  • Multiple top finishes at Tier 3 tournaments
  • Many participations at Tier 3 and 4 tournaments, at editors discretion


If the team fulfills one of the following:

  • The team is a well-established esport organisation with a number of sponsors, preferably with pages on the other Liquipedia wikis as well;
  • Top 3 finish at a Team Tournament
  • At least three players with a Liquipedia page

Leagues and Tier Ranks[edit]

If you are looking to create a page for a tournament, see also: Tournament tutorial

Currently, there are four different tiers, ranging from Tier 1 (premiere leagues and tournaments with top players and big prize pools) to Tier 4 (events with little to none prize pool), that a tournament can be assigned to. Listed below are the requirements for each tier. If there are multiple specified, the league has to meet all of them to be considered in that Tier.

Tier 1[edit]
  • Has a prize pool of at least 2,000 USD.
  • Majority (>50%) of the participants are notable.
Tier 2[edit]
  • Has a prize pool of at least 500 USD.
  • Some (>25%) of the participants are notable.
Tier 3[edit]
  • Has a prize pool of at least 100 USD.
Tier 4[edit]
  • All tournaments that do not meet the requirements of the above tiers.

Non-Monetary Prize Pools[edit]

If some part of the prize pool is not monetary, 75% of the non-monetary prize pool value is taken for tier consideration. Non-monetary prizes are all prizes, that are not paid out either in cash, cheque or bank transfer using default fiat currencies OR are paid out, but under the condition to be used for a specific purpose.

Some usual examples of non-monetary prizes include (but are not limited to):

  • Hardware items (mouse, headset, fully built PC).
  • Plane tickets or travel packages (not relating to the tournament or series in question) in general.
  • 3rd-party (and/or tournament sponsor) services.
  • Cryptocurrency.

If the tournament organizers do not specify the value of non-monetary prize items, Liquipedia Editors reserve the right to estimate it through their own research.


The tournament rulebook specifies the final prize pool distribution for the top 3 players:
1. Plane tickets for two to Japan (maximum covered price of 1,500 USD).
2. 500 USD.
3. 0.005 Bitcoin, at the final day of the tournament worth 150 USD.

The total prize pool of the tournament is valued at 1,500 + 500 + 150 = 2,150 USD. However, for tier consideration the calculated value is 1,500 * 0.75 + 500 + 150 * 0.75 = 1737.50 USD.
Therefore, the tournament will be categorized as Tier 2.

Tier Types[edit]

Additionally to league tiers, tier types are special modifiers used to denote special stages of tournaments, occurence rates of tournaments in a series or other cases where the tournament format deviates from the standard.


Used to denote that the tournament is open and involves participants competing indirectly on a specific set of maps over multiple days, weeks, or months, usually through some type of dedicated leaderboard. This does not include cup style competitions. The tiers for this type of competition follow the notability guidelines above, but participant notability requirements only apply to the top 10 players.


Used to denote that a new edition of the tournament occurs once every week.


Used to denote that a new edition of the tournament occurs once every month.


Used to denote that the tournament is a qualifier stage for another tournament in the series.

Show Match[edit]

Used to denote that the tournament is a special show match.


Used to denote that the tournament does not follow the standard league formats for the game.

Editor Discretion[edit]

Ultimately, the Editors reserve the right to assign a different tier than normally if they believe, that the tournament can compensate the unmet requirements through other means (e.g. high social media presence, overwhelmingly high interest of the top players despite low prize pool, etc.). Such right is kept to ensure that the assigned tier reflects the level of prestige a tournament has in the game's community.

User pages[edit]

Completely optional, but make your userpage a good indication of who you are! Feel free to include an [Template:Infobox user|infobox] and fill it in or just use the page as a sandbox.

To get started, navigate to (replace Your_Username with the one you see in the navigation bar top-right), click "create this page" and start editing.