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Team Information

Revival is an French esport organisation active on Trackmania 2020 and Trackmania United Forever.


  • March 3rd - Kowi and Vinch join Revival.
  • March 8th - Koko joins Revival.
  • May 5th - Unimork joins Revival.
  • May 14th - Gape joins Revival.
  • July 14th - LefouOre joins Revival.
  • September 14th - Plombzz and Banaf join Revival.
  • September 23rd - Vinch leaves Revival.
  • December 2nd - Banaf leaves Revival.
  • December 23rd - Nakaen joins Revival.

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
France Zort.x Corentin P. 2010-07-03
France Zepset Nicolas J. 2010-07-13
France redfog Gwenael K. 2010-08-23
France Titi Thibaut R. 2013-08-02
France Farcry69 Vincent G. 2014-04-01
France Corky Rémi J. 2019-10-01
France Kowi Quentin 2021-03-03
France Koko 2021-03-08
France Unimork 2021-05-11
France Gape 2021-05-14
France LefouOre Florian F. 2021-07-14
France Plombzz Sam B. 2021-09-14
France Nakaen Hadrien D. 2021-12-23
France Gator 2022-01-05
France Holfreak Florian T. 2022-03-02
France Azrael 2022-05-04
France Snatsh 2022-05-27
Portugal Rem Remy P. 2022-07-23[1]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
France Vinch Vincent 2021-03-03 2021-09-23 Zephyr EsportsZephyr Esports Zephyr Esports
Belgium Banaf Virgile Cordovero 2021-09-14 2021-12-02 Team RexTeam Rex Team Rex
France Rh3torique 2022-01-05 2022-07-27



ID Name Position Join Date
France Zort.x Corentin P. Leader 2010-07-03
France F-50 Jean-Philippe R. Co-founder 2010-07-03
France Chax Sébastien Q. Content Creator 2010-08-20
France redfog Gwenael K. Manager 2010-08-23


Team achievements[edit]

Members achievements[edit]

2022-09-129thA5WeeklyChampi'on Cup: Season 1 - Week 3Champi'on CupChampi'on CupChampi'on Cup: Season 1 - Week 3France Plombzz 
2022-09-068thA5WeeklyLegendary Weekly Cup - 7Legendary Weekly CupLegendary Weekly CupLegendary Weekly Cup - 7France Plombzz 
2022-08-209th - 16thA3Tier 4Rex World CupRex World CupRex World CupRex World CupFrance Plombzz 
2022-06-259th - 10thA2Tier 3TDW Cup 3TDWTDWTDW Cup 3France Rh3torique 
2022-06-2511th - 12thA2Tier 3TDW Cup 3TDWTDWTDW Cup 3France Plombzz 
2022-05-15222nd - 223rdA6QualifierZrT Trackmania Cup 2022 - QualifierZrT Trackmania CupZrT Trackmania CupZrT Trackmania Cup 2022 - QualifierFrance Holfreak 
2021-06-0214thA2Tier 3Slow Learner Cup Season 3Slow Learner CupSlow Learner CupSlow Learner Cup Season 3France Redfog 
2021-06-02114thA2Tier 3Slow Learner Cup Season 3Slow Learner CupSlow Learner CupSlow Learner Cup Season 3France Gape 
2021-06-0237thA2Tier 3Slow Learner Cup Season 3Slow Learner CupSlow Learner CupSlow Learner Cup Season 3France Vinch 
2021-05-1227thA5WeeklySlow Learner Cup Season 3 - Edition 5Slow Learner CupSlow Learner CupSlow Learner Cup Season 3 - Edition 5France Vinch 
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