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Built By Gamers

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[e][h]Built By Gamers
Team Information
Approx. Total Winnings:
: 2019-??-??
: 2020-07-17

Built By Gamers is an American esports organization currently competing in Fortnite, VALORANT and Apex Legends.



Player Roster[edit]




ID Name Position Join Date
United States GPet Todd Searle CEO 2019-??-??
United States Troggy Taylor Roggeman VP of Esports 2019-??-??
United States jkw Joey Wavering Manager 2020-12-15 [7]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
United States heino Charles Heino Coach 2020-12-15 [7] 2022-03-14 [24]
United States Governor Peter No Streamer 2021-07-02 [15] 2022-01-26 [20] Complexity Gaming Complexity Gaming
United States RaptorZ Gannon Nelson Coach 2021-10-06 [17] 2022-02-25 [21] Immortals Immortals (Head Coach)




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