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Cloud9 Blue

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[e][h]Cloud9 Blue
Team Information
United States Jack Etienne
Total Winnings:
: 2013
: 2020-04-12
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Cloud9 is a North American esports organization currently fielding North American and South Korean teams in VALORANT. They also feature players and teams in Hearthstone, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six: Siege. Additonally, Cloud9 manage the London Spitfire spot in the Overwatch League.



  • April 12th - Cloud9 reveal TenZ as their first player. [1]
  • June 24th - Relyks joins. [2]
  • July 15th - mitch joins. [3]
  • July 31st - shinobi joins. [4]
  • August 17th - vice joins. [5]
  • September 21st - Cloud9 sign Chu as Head Coach and JamezIRL as Strategic Coach. [6]
  • October 25th - Cloud9 main team renames to Cloud9 Blue after the creation of Cloud9 White. [7]
  • November 25th - Cloud9 parts ways with Chu while JamezIRL will be moving to Head Coach. [8]
  • December 11th - shinobi leaves the team. [9]
  • January 12th - TenZ decided to step down from active roster and pursue his career as a content creator. [10]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
United States Relyks Skyler Weaver 2020-06-24 [2]
United States mitch Mitch Semago 2020-07-15 [3]
United States vice Daniel Kim 2020-08-17 [5]
United States JamezIRL (Head Coach) James Macaulay 2020-11-25 [8]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Canada TenZ Tyson Ngo 2020-04-12 [1] 2021-01-12 [10] Cloud9 Blue (Streamer)
United States shinobi In-Game Leader Josh Abastado 2020-07-31 [4] 2020-12-11 [9]
United Kingdom Chu (Head Coach) Ash Long 2020-09-21 [6] 2020-11-25 [8]


Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
South Korea xeta   Son Seon-ho (손선호)
Nerd Street Gamers Nerd Street Gamers - Winter Championship
United States leaf   Nathan Orf
JBL Quantum Cup
Cloud9 To The Skyes
Nerd Street GamersNerd Street Gamers - Winter Championship
United States POACH   Jake Brumleve
T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown [11]
United States Infinite   Gage Green
Rivalry Bowl Elite Esports - Rivalry Bowl North America



ID Name Position Join Date
United States Jack Jack Etienne Founder/CEO
United States Paullie Paullie Etienne Founder/COO
United States dfiden Dan Fiden President
United States Gaylen Gaylen Malone General Manager
United States Will Will Alfonsi General Manager
Brazil Portilho Mateus Portilho Social Media Manager
Germany Noukky Ysabel Müller Team Manager 2020-01-29
Canada TenZ Tyson Ngo Streamer 2021-01-12 [10]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
United States JamezIRL James Macaulay Strategic Coach 2020-09-21 [6] 2020-11-25 [8] Cloud9 Blue


Date Placement Tier Type Tournament Results Prize
2021-01-16 A5A85th - 8th A3B-Tier Online Nerd Street Gamers - Winter Championship 1 : 2 $0
2020-12-19 A5A85th - 8th A3B-Tier Online Cloud9 To The Skyes 8 - 13 $1,500
2020-12-12 A7A87th - 8th A2A-Tier Online JBL Quantum Cup 0/-/3 Grp. S. $0
2020-10-18 A33rd A3B-Tier Online NSG x Renegades Invitational 2 : 0 $1,000
2020-08-30 A33rd A2A-Tier Online Pop Flash 0 : 2 $7,500
2020-08-16 A33rd A3B-Tier Online Pittsburgh Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series 6 - 13 $1,000
2020-07-26 A22nd A3B-Tier Online PAX Arena Invitational 1 : 3 $5,000
2020-07-12 A22nd A3B-Tier Online Pulse Invitational 0 : 2 $3,000
2020-06-15 A22nd A3B-Tier Online Immortals First Light 0 : 2 $3,000
2020-05-17 A11st A3B-Tier Online Elite Esports - Rivalry Bowl North America 2 : 0 $1,000
About achievementsComplete Results in any Tournament
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. Team
2020-10-1823:00 UTC A3B-TierNSG x Renegades InvitationalNSG x Renegades Invitational2 : 0 MR
2020-10-1819:45 UTC A3B-TierNSG x Renegades InvitationalNSG x Renegades Invitational1 : 2 IMT
2020-10-1817:00 UTC A3B-TierNSG x Renegades InvitationalNSG x Renegades Invitational2 : 0 FaZe
2020-10-1720:30 UTC A3B-TierNSG x Renegades InvitationalNSG x Renegades Invitational2 : 0 COL
2020-10-1718:00 UTC A3B-TierNSG x Renegades InvitationalNSG x Renegades Invitational1 : 0 NOX
2020-10-1717:00 UTC A3B-TierNSG x Renegades InvitationalNSG x Renegades Invitational0 : 1 Andbox
2020-08-3019:00 UTC A2A-TierPop FlashPop Flash0 : 2 NV
2020-08-3000:45 UTC A2A-TierPop FlashPop Flash1 : 2 SEN
2020-08-2918:15 UTC A2A-TierPop FlashPop Flash2 : 1 NV
2020-08-2722:30 UTC A2A-TierPop FlashPop Flash2 : 0 DIG
Complete list of matches in any tournament


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