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Creds are used to buy weapons, shields, and abilities during the Buy Phase before each round. They can also be used to buy weapons for teammates. If a teammate is low on Creds, teammates can right-click on a weapon to send a request to the team for someone to purchase the weapon for them.


Creds are rewarded at the start of every round, the amount is based on performance in the previous round and Creds saved from previous rounds of the current half.

  • Creds 800 at first round of each half.
  • Creds 3,000 for round win.
  • Creds 1,900 for round loss.
  • Additional Creds 500 for 2x loss streak or Creds 1,000 for loss streaks greater than 2x.
  • Creds 200 for each kill.
  • Creds 300 for the team planting the spike.
  • Compensation for missing players.
  • Creds 5,000 at overtime.
  • Creds reset after 12 rounds when switching from attack to defense and vice versa. A single player may not accumulate more than Creds 9,000.