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This page contains a list of terms and definitions that are commonly found when discussing VALORANT.

General Game-play terms[edit]


2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K
A multi-kill during a round, where a single player got 2 kills, 3 kills, 4 kills, 5 kills, or 6 kills respectively.


An ace is when a player kills the whole enemy team on his own in one round.
Ace clutch
When a player wins the round despite being the only one alive on his team against the entire enemy team.
Stands for Aiming Down Sight, which means looking through the scope of a weapon.
Stands for Average Damage per Round. Used mostly for the analysis of a player's performance in a match, and measure only the effectively dealt damage (capped at 100 per opponent).
Killing someone while firing mid-air with a weapon.
A cheat that helps the player land their shots.
A team that anti-ecos will buy weapons that are efficient against unarmored opponents (which happens when a team is doing an eco round, hence the name Anti-eco), and yield more money per kill than traditional weapons (e.g. shotguns, SMGs).
A strategy used to counter a specific tactic that you are certain the opposing team is doing.
See OP.
See OPer.


  1. When a player acts as a platform to help another player to either get to an otherwise unreachable location, such as high boxes, or to look over a wall.
  2. When players of higher ranks and/or cheaters 'boost' a lower-ranked teammate to a better rank that they otherwise could have been able to reach, often times for money.
Used to insult a player that appears to have a lack of gamesense.
Firing short bursts of two or three bullets with a pause to reset the recoil. Used mostly at medium ranges.


See IGL.
Call Outs
The names for the different areas of a map, mostly used to tell the team where an enemy is or where to go.
A player that camps remains in their spot for a long time, waiting for enemies.
A clutch is a situation where a player wins a round where he is at a disadvantage or where he is the only one left.
The action of killing multiple enemies with a single bullet.
Competitive Cooldown
The equivalent of a temporary ban from the competitive games, usually caused by leaving games before the end, doing too much team damage, killing a teammate at round start, getting kicked by vote too often, or kicking other players too often.
A small area, often a room, that connects two areas of a map together.
A crouch jump consists of crouching in the middle of a jump, which helps with reaching slightly higher platforms than jumping normally.


When a team goes for a pre-established default setup in a round, which implies not doing anything exotic like rushing as Attackers, or stacking a site as Defenders but rather going for a standard, versatile setup.
A demo is the game file of a match saved, with the *.dem extension.
A dink is a shot in the head that doesn't kill. It is usually said that a player "has been dinked".
A match that went to a score of 15-15. In competitive pro games, usually followed by an overtime to determine the winner, not on the official Valve ladder where the draw is the final result.
  1. A drop is when a player buys a weapon for another player, usually when the latter is too poor to afford a weapon and equipment.
  2. When a player drops from a higher platform to a lower one.


Eco (round)
A strategy where a team doesn't buy rifles nor equipment in order to save money. There are different level of eco, which range from not buying anything at all (hard-eco) to pistol, grenades and half-armor buys (semi-eco).
The first kill in a round.
A sustained period of dominance by a single team in the professional scene.
A pre-planned attack on a bombsite by the Attackers, usually involving significant utility usage.
Exits/Exit frags
Or going for exits, which means trying to get kills as a Defender on Attackers when they exit the bomb-site to avoid the explosion.


As a Defender, faking means trying to make Defenders rotate to a bomb-site that you don't intend to take. That can be done by making noise with rifles, using abilities on that site, and then going to the other site.
Fake plant
Starting to plant the bomb so that the specific plant sound can be heard by Defenders, then cancelling the plant and wait for Defenders to push.
Fake defuse
Starting to defuse the bomb so that the specific defuse sound can be heard by Attacks, then cancelling the defuse and waiting for Attackers to push.
The action of killing someone with a flashbang. Only possible on an opponent with one health point and no armor.
A very quick reflex shot that kills an unexpected enemy that appears far from the crosshair.
The act of purchasing nonetheless on a round where a regular eco round would normally be optimal. Usually done in order to try and "break" the enemy's economy. The last round of a half is always a forcebuy when a team doesn't have enough money for a buy, as the money is reset when swapping sides.
A kill.
The short period of time at the beginning of a round where players buy their equipment and can't move yet.
A fullbuy is when a player can buy a rifle, full armor, and the maximum number of abilities.


Good half. Said at the end of the first half of the match as a show of good sportsmanship.
Good game. Said at the end of the match as a show of good sportsmanship.
Usually said about players that use a cheat to follow players through walls. Can also be said of a dead player that gives information about an alive player when the server allows spectating the other team after death (for example, in Casual mode).
When a player doesn't have enough money to buy an AWP and armor, and only buys the AWP.
Good Luck, Have Fun. Said at the beginning of the game as a show of good sportsmanship.
A player that is griefing is intentionally sabotaging/throwing a game for his teammates, usually by teamkilling, though it can be done through other ways such as throwing the bomb in an unreachable location, or purposely flashing their teammates.


A shot to the head, which deals the most damage of any shot on a part of the body.


In-Game Leader. Designation of a player in a team that choose the strategies and make the main calls during the game.


Strafing back and forth quickly near a corner to get information.
A shot while jumping, far less accurate than a standing shot.


Kills/Deaths ratio. The number of kills divided by the number of deaths. Used to quantify a player's performance.
Knife round
A special round that takes place before a match, where both teams use only knife. The winner usually has the opportunity of choosing on which side (Attacking or Defending) to start.
Stands for Kills Per Round. It's one measure of a player's performance in a match.
Killsteal. When a player is about to get a kill on an enemy, and another player gets the final shot, thus stealing the kill.


An offline tournament where all players are in the same building while playing.
A path that leads from the Attackers side to the bomb-sites.
A call that indicates an enemy has been hit in the legs with an AWP, leaving them on very low HP.
Used to denote the longest lane of multiple pathways that leads to a site.
Loss bonus
The extra money earned by a side that loses consecutive rounds.
An in-game role where a player plays far from his teammates, trying to draw the attention to him or to pick off the rotaters between bomb sites.


Map veto
The process of choosing a map that occurs before the game starts. Usually, the teams will take turns picking and banning maps until 1, 3, or 5 are chosen.
Match fixing
The act of throwing a game at a professional level, usually for money or skins.
Denotes a central/middle area of the map that can usually lead to either bomb-site.
Matchmaking. An abbreviation for the competitive ladder.
A synonym for the fire zone caused by Phoenix's Hot Hands ability.


Nice one. Used to compliment another player for a nice action.
North America. Often used to qualify a poor play, for example "an NA flash" or "an NA peek". This stems from the reputation North America has in Counter-Strike as an overall poorly performing region.
Ninja defuse
Defusing the bomb without the Attacking team being aware of it.
Shooting with a sniper rifle without using the scope.
Designates a new player. Often used pejoratively to say that someone doesn't know how to play.
Nice shot. Used to compliment a nice shot.
"Nice try". Used to compliment a nice move or play even though it failed.


Also sometimes called "passive angle". Used to designate an angle that is not oriented towards usual peeking positions for the enemy team.
Official tournament matches, as opposed to scrims.
A one-shot to the head.
A player or team that does not manage to deliver at an offline event after performing remarkably well in online matches. Sometimes carries the connotation that the accused party is cheating.
One-way smoke
Designates a smoke through which a player can see without the opponent seeing him.
Shorthand for the Operator. A reference to the AWP, the Counter-Strike equivalent of the weapon.
A player on a team that is currently using or typically uses the Operator.
Open plant
A bomb planted out of any cover. An openly planted bomb is very difficult for the Defenders to defuse if any Attackers remain alive.
In competitions, when teams tie a match at 12-12, an overtime takes place to determine the winner, which consist of additional rounds.
Overtime varies depending on the tournament organizer; the two main overtime formats are first-to-two or a single tiebreaker roundd.


Rounding a corner, often in order to challenge an enemy player.
Getting a pick means killing an enemy without much commitment. Usually what the Attackers seek during round where they don't push early a specific location, but rather hold/check angles. Defenders may also get a pick if they kill a passive Attacker.
Pistol round
The first round of a half, where teams start with an amount of money insufficient to buy any weapon but a pistol.
Planting for X
When a player plants for a location (usually a site entry).
A flash thrown in a way that makes it very hard for the enemy to anticipate the explosion and look away.
Firing at a known hiding spot without knowing if there is actually an enemy there, in hopes of getting a kill if there is actually someone there.
Pick Up Game, a game with people you don't necessarily know.
A term for players who perform well in PUGs.
Advancing towards the enemy side, aggressively. Attackers push towards bomb-sites, while Defenders can push towards the attacking side to surprise them.


The action of scoping and shooting with a sniper rifle in a really short timeframe. More accurate than a no-scope, but less accurate than being completely still and scoped.
A Quasi-buy round is a round where a team hasn't enough money for a full buy, still buys (usually armor and pistols, sometimes SMG or shotguns), but save enough money to be sure to buy the next round.


Recoil pattern
Every weapon has a recoil pattern, which designates where the bullets go when fired continuously. Learning recoil pattern makes it possible to compensate the recoil of a weapon, and thus stay accurate while firing.
When a team is extremely poor and has no loss bonus. Most often occurs when a team on a losing streak wins a round with only a few players alive, then immediately loses the next round.
Revenge kill
Also called a trade kill, it's the action of killing the opponent that just killed a teammate.
A rush is a strategy where a team pushes forward the enemy side very quickly, to catch them off guard. Can be done by either Attackers or Defenders.
A rotation is a change of positions on the map, and is usually done as an answer to a kill or when having information about what the enemy is doing.
The term used to label the Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Vandal.
A player that primarily uses one of the above mentioned rifles if they or the team can afford them.


Safe plant
A plant on a location with a lot of covers and/or out of sight of the bombsite entries, making easier to plant for the Attackers, but also easier to defuse for the Defenders.
A player that saves will concede the round, try to hide on the map and avoid getting killed to keep his weapon and/or equipment for the next round.
A colloquial name for the Marshal, which is derived from the CS:GO weapon known as the Scout.
A practice match between two teams.
Denotes the shortest lane to a bomb-site. (E.g.: Short B).
Peeking a corner in such a fashion so only the shoulder of the player's model is visible, in order to bait out gunfire without actually putting a player in serious danger. Also see jigglepeeking.
Throwing a smoke on top of the bomb and trying to defuse it inside the smoke, while being harder to hit.
See Callouts.
A strategy used by Attackers to take a bomb-site from two different angles.
Firing continuously for a long time with a weapon.
The strategy a team will follow for a round.
A term used for any equipment that is not a weapon, like grenades, armor, or kits.


A tag is a shot with a gun that doesn't kill. It is usually said that a player "has been tagged".
Often said as a joke in a timeout, it designates tactical timeout which means the timeout is for talking about strategies.
Firing bullets one at a time, waiting for the recoil to reset, trading off rate of fire for accuracy. Mostly used at very long range and when prefiring a spot.
Designates a technical timeout which means the timeout is about fixing a technical issue in a tournament.
The act of intentionally trying to lose a game, usually through griefing
The action of killing an opponent that just killed a teammate.
A cheat that helps players by automatically shooting their weapon as soon as their crosshair hovers over the enemy.


A blanket term for all grenades.



Firing through walls that let some bullets go through (like some doors, wood, boxes, etc.) in order to kill someone hiding behind it.
A type of cheat that lets the player see enemy players through walls.




Another term for "connector".

Non Game-play terms[edit]

Default - When a map is awarded to a team coming from the upper bracket in a double elimination format.
An experienced player that uses a new account to play in lower ranked games than his actual level.
To be announced - Information not yet disclosed by the person or organization in question.
To be determined - Something yet to be determined, such as tournament participants or release date.
Unknown - No vods to know the game maps.