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Map Information
Release Date:
Bomb Sites:

Fracture is the seventh map to be released in VALORANT.

Top-Down View of the Map[edit]

Map Features[edit]

Fracture's unique design splits up the map into four neutral quadrants; four central areas between the quadrants that contain the sites and Attacker spawns, and a central zone where Defenders spawn. On Round Start, Defenders can access the sites, which are on opposite sides of the map. Attackers all spawn in one area, but can reach the other side by using the cross-map ziplines that take them underneath Defender Spawn. During the Buy Phase, Defenders are unable to hear Attackers using the ziplines.

Each quadrant contains one orb, meaning Fracture has a total of four orbs as opposed to the usual total of two orbs that are present on most other maps.

A Hall contains an automatic door that works similarly to the exit room doors for Bind's teleporters, as it will instantly open once a player gets close enough, making a loud audio cue as it does, and will also open for any objects thrown towards it. This door on Fracture however will also open for entities on both sides of the door.


Site Name
A Hall
A Door
A Rope
A Main
A Site
A Drop
A Dish
A Gate
A Link
B Bench
B Arcade
B Link
B Tower
B Site
B Generator
B Canteen
B Tunnel
B Main
B Tree

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Removed Fracture rotates out of Competitive and Unrated queues.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug where the “Paul Delmann” badge could be stuck on the screen after Buy Phase ends
  • New Doors will now destroy placeable objects as soon as they come into contact with them, as opposed to only the moment the door is closed
  • Rework Arcade - Opened a cubby here to make it easier for Attacking side to hold against Defender aggression from both directions.
  • Rescale B Site - “Jump” up has been changed to a ramp directly onto the site platform, which should make moving around that space more straightforward.
  • Rescale B Generator - Space here tightened slightly to make smoking this spot easier. A small corner has also been removed to simplify attempts to re-clear the site.
  • Rescale Defender Spawn - Removed a small cubby to slightly simplify those retakes.
  • Rescale A Halls - Improved movement and simplified the space in A Halls by removing a corner.
  • Rescale A Site - A minor simplification of the space as part of the overall changes to the surrounding areas.
  • Rework A Dish - The dish is intact but removed the far path to make moving through this space more direct for both sides. We found trying to watch/control these spaces simultaneously was unnecessarily difficult for all.
  • Rework A Drop - The drop down is no longer a 50/50 check when entering, which should make it a little more appealing as a way for Attackers to squeeze A site from two sides.
  • Rework A Rope - This path has been a little too easy for Attackers to control with a single smoke. The adjustments should give Defenders more options for both the initial hold and retaking A. Watch your step.
  • Rework The B Arcade attacker barrier is shifted back towards Attacker Side Bridge, to allow defenders to more easily contest the area
  • Rework Defender barrier at A Rope moved up to the top of ropes to make it easier for Sentinels to prepare.
  • Rework A Hall orb shifted into more neutral space, making it less favorable for attackers
  • New New piece of cover in Attacker spawn added to break the long sightline from Hall entrance to B Main, which should relieve some pressure from attackers when defenders fast flank
  • Rework Tunnel to Generator/Canteen areas can no longer be bullet penned (a.k.a. wallbang)
  • Rework One crate on B site is no longer pennable.
    • This should create a safer planting option for attackers, while retaining a riskier, but more powerful option.
  • New Fracture added
    • Fracture is available in the standard queues for Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Escalation as well as Custom games and a Fracture-only Unrated queue that will remain active for two weeks
    • During this two week period, Fracture will not be available in the standard Unrated or Competitive queues. Following this period, the Fracture-only queue will be disabled and Fracture will then become available in the existing Unrated and Competitive queues