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Global Esports

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[e][h]Global Esports
Team Information
India Nghtmre2k
Team Captain:
Approx. Total Winnings:
: 2017-08-??
: 2020-10-04
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Upcoming Tournaments

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Global Esports is an Indian esports organization.



Player Roster[edit]


Active SquadActive Squad
IDNameJoin Date
India SkRossi
Ganesh Gangadhar
Join Date: 
2020-10-04 [1]
India HellrangeR Captain
Bhavin Kotwani
Join Date: 
2020-10-07 [2]
India KappA
Akshay Sinkar
Join Date: 
2020-10-07 [2]
India skillZ
Jayanth Ramesh
Join Date: 
2020-10-07 [2]
India Lightningfast
Abhirup Choudhury
Join Date: 
2020-11-04 [4]
India Kohliii
Pranav Kohli
Join Date: 
2022-05-19 [11]


Former SquadFormer Squad
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
India Hellff
Sagnik Roy
Join Date: 
2020-10-07 [2]
Leave Date: 
2020-10-09 [3]
Velocity GamingVelocity Gaming Velocity Gaming



ID Name Position Join Date
India Salbatic Rushindra Sinha Co-Founder, CEO
India Eminence Rahul Hinduja COO
India Tsuki Mohit Israney Co-Founder, CCO
India Nghtmre2k Vatsal Uniyal Manager 2020-10-10
South Korea Eraser Hong Chang-pyo Coach 2022-04-04 [9]
India Rexdreams Malav Popat Assistant Coach 2022-04-04 [10]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
India Rexdreams Malav Popat Analyst 2022-01-12 [5] 2022-04-04[10] Global Esports Global Esports (Assistant Coach)
United States shinobi Josh Abastado Coach 2021-09-27 [7] 2021-10-13 [8] Counter Logic Gaming Red Counter Logic Gaming Red (Head Coach)
India Rexdreams Malav Popat Analyst 2021-06-15 [5] 2021-08-30[6] Global Esports Global Esports (Analyst)


2022-06-05AA1stA2B-TierSkyesports Champions SeriesChampions SeriesChampions SeriesSkyesports Champions Series3 : 2Enigma Gaming$15,000
2022-05-03AA1stA2B-TierSkyesports Souvenir 2022 - MumbaiSkyesports SouvenirSkyesports SouvenirSkyesports Souvenir 2022 - Mumbai3 : 0Enigma Gaming$4,500
2022-02-27BA2ndA2B-TierVCC 2022: Stage 1Conquerors ChampionshipConquerors ChampionshipVCC 2022: Stage 12 : 3Velocity Gaming$7,500
2021-12-26AA1stA3C-TierLogitechG x Loco InvitationalLogitechG x Loco Invitational3 : 0Todak$2,690
2021-11-28AA1stA2B-TierWD Black Cup - Season 2Western Digital Black CupWestern Digital Black CupWD Black Cup - Season 23 : 1Velocity Gaming$4,000
2021-09-26AA1stA3C-TierFight NightFight Night3 : 1Louvre$3,031
2021-08-29AA1stA2B-TierVALORANT Conquerors ChampionshipConquerors ChampionshipConquerors ChampionshipVALORANT Conquerors Championship3 : 2Velocity Gaming$16,500
2021-06-24AA1stA2B-TierAORUS x AMD Pro Series ValorantAORUS x AMD Pro Series Valorant3 : 0F1 x LS Esports$5,000
2021-03-21AA1stA3C-TierWD Black CupTEC Miscellaneous TournamentsTEC Miscellaneous TournamentsWD Black Cup3 : 2Team MahiTeam Mahi$2,761
2021-02-28AA1stA2B-TierValorant Power Up IndiaValorant Power Up India3 : 1Team MahiTeam Mahi$5,428
Complete list of results in any tournament
DateTimeTierTypeTournamentScorevs. Team
2022-06-1705:00 UTC
 OnlineVCT 2022: APAC Stage 2 Challengers - Group StageVCT 2022: APAC Stage 2 Challengers - Group Stage1 : 2Rex Regum Qeon RRQ
2022-06-1505:10 UTC
 OnlineVCT 2022: APAC Stage 2 Challengers - Group StageVCT 2022: APAC Stage 2 Challengers - Group Stage0 : 2Alter Ego AE
2022-06-0511:30 UTC
 Online/OfflineSkyesports Champions SeriesSkyesports Champions Series3 : 2Enigma Gaming EG
2022-06-0412:00 UTC
 Online/OfflineSkyesports Champions SeriesSkyesports Champions Series2 : 0Orangutan OG
2022-06-0315:40 UTC
 Online/OfflineSkyesports Champions SeriesSkyesports Champions Series2 : 0Velocity Gaming VLT
2022-06-0216:05 UTC
 Online/OfflineSkyesports Champions SeriesSkyesports Champions Series2 : 1Revenant Esports RNT
2022-06-0116:25 UTC
 Online/OfflineSkyesports Champions SeriesSkyesports Champions Series1 : 2Orangutan OG
2022-05-3116:40 UTC
 Online/OfflineSkyesports Champions SeriesSkyesports Champions Series2 : 0Full Power Gaming FPX
2022-05-2320:05 IST
 OnlineSkyesports Champions Series - Group StageSkyesports Champions Series - Group Stage2 : 0Khumbu Esports KE
2022-05-2221:00 IST
 OnlineSkyesports Champions Series - Group StageSkyesports Champions Series - Group Stage0 : 2Enigma Gaming EG
Complete List of Matches in Any Tournament


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