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Map Information
Release Date:
Bomb Sites:

Icebox is a map in VALORANT.

Top-Down View of the Map[edit]

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • B Green
    • Rework Doorway from Attacker spawn building near Green lane moved to the first cubby
    • Rescale Green lane slightly widened
    • Rescale Pocket in Green lane near Yellow extended
  • B Site Rework
    • New Yellow container adjusted and new stack of crates added
    • Rescale Lower container removed and geometry adjusted into a cubby facing Green
    • Rework Doorway on the upper container widened and it's position adjusted
    • Rework Outer wall on B site and crane structure brought in toward the site
    • Rework Building in Back B closed off
    • Rescale Plant zone on B site adjusted
    • New You can now plant on the bridge from kitchen to upper container
  • Mid
    • Rescale Back wall in Kitchen adjusted
    • New Crates added to Orange lane to block line of sight from under tube to danger
    • Rework Boiler ramp geo simplified and slightly narrowed
    • Rework Smokes will now fully cover Boiler and players should find head peeks from ramp more predictable
  • A Site
    • Rework Cover on back A site adjusted
    • Removed Head peek on attacker side pipes removed
    • Rework Doorway into A lowered to prevent foot shot on players on top of screens
  • Bug Fix Viper’s Ultimate will no longer spawn incorrectly when placed on top of the shipping crates on B site located on Icebox
  • Rework The crate stack on B site is no longer pennable, this is to create a safer planting option for attackers
  • Minimap and vision cones will now correctly display near B Yellow
  • Bug Fix Fixed bug where Cypher’s Spy Camera could be placed inside the map on mid Icebox
  • Rework Reduced the height of the A Belt area and connected it via a ramp to the platform below
    • This puts the upper A Belt area more in line with the rest of the verticality in the site
    • Acquiring targets up top also requires less vertical movement of the crosshair
  • Rework Added a see-through gate here that can’t be passed from the ground level
    • Pathing should hopefully be more predictable from attackers approaching the site and defenders retaking the site
  • Rework Sloped the wall on site A near belt area and replaced the double stack of Radianite crates in the site with a smaller object on bombsite A
    • This should allow attackers to approach the site more safely, and a quicker retake of the site for defenders
  • Rework Reduced the height of the yellow container
    • This allows the top of the container to be fully cleared from several angles as well as reduces the amount of crosshair displacement required when aiming at targets on top of the container