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[e][h]Evil Geniuses jawgemo
Personal Information
Alexander Mor
Years Active (Player):
2020 - Present
Approx. Total Earnings:
Main Agents:
2021-01-25 — 2021-03-03Sedated
2021-03-03 — 2021-05-10Decisive
2021-11-03 — 2022-01-27T1 Academy
2022-01-27 — PresentEvil Geniuses

Alexander "jawgemo" Mor is an American player who currently plays for Evil Geniuses.


2022-04-27BA2ndA3C-TierNSG: Summer Championship - Open 3Nerd Street GamersNerd Street GamersNSG: Summer Championship - Open 3Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0 : 2Zero MarksMen Black$1,000
2022-03-27KA11 - 12thA1A-TierVCT 2022: North America Stage 1 ChallengersVALORANT Champions TourVALORANT Champions TourVCT 2022: North America Stage 1 ChallengersEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0/5Grp S.$6,000
2022-02-01AG1 - 8thA4QualifierNSG: Winter Championship - Last Chance QualifierNerd Street GamersNerd Street GamersNSG: Winter Championship - Last Chance QualifierEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses2 : 0Bait Academy$3,125
2021-12-19BA2ndA3C-TierNSG: Frag Valorant Major - PhiladelphiaNerd Street GamersNerd Street GamersNSG: Frag Valorant Major - PhiladelphiaBooster Seat GamingBooster Seat Gaming0 : 2On The Way$1,875
2021-08-08BA2ndA3C-TierValorant Sunday Showdown Week 65Vanguard Championship SeriesVanguard Championship SeriesValorant Sunday Showdown Week 65Time OutTime Out0 : 2The Mafia$300
2021-05-09DA4thA3C-TierCommunity Gaming Premier Series #2Community Gaming Premier Series #2DecisiveDecisiveDecisiveFF : WSoaR$500
2021-03-30AA1stA3C-TierCommunity Gaming Premier Series #1Community Gaming Premier Series #1DecisiveDecisiveDecisive2 : 1Elysium$2,500
2021-03-07AA1stA3C-TierValorant Sunday Showdown Week 46Vanguard Championship SeriesVanguard Championship SeriesValorant Sunday Showdown Week 46DecisiveDecisiveDecisive2 : 0Team Basilisk$700
2021-01-22BA2ndA3C-TierSuper League ArenaSuper League ArenaDREAMLANDDREAMLANDDREAMLAND2 : 1Phoenix1$2,500
2021-01-16CA3rdA3C-TierValorant Training GroundsValorant Training GroundsDREAMLANDDREAMLANDDREAMLAND1 : 0IMPULSE$150
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