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Detailed Broadcasts[edit]

DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2021-03-13 A4C-TierNicecactus February TrophyCommentator
2021-02-21 A4C-TierNicecactus New Year TrophyCommentator
2021-02-13 A4C-TierChibi Rouen 2020Commentator
2021-01-31 A3B-TierRed Bull Home GroundCommentator
2020-12-27 A4C-TierNicecactus Christmas TrophyCommentator
2020-12-21 A8Showm. D2_Esports_SeriesD2 Esports Valorant ShowmatchCommentator/Analyst
2020-12-13 A4C-Tiercharge gaming valorant cupCharge Gaming Valorant Cup - Invitational #2Commentator
2020-12-06 A4C-TierNicecactus Fall Trophy #2Commentator
2020-11-29 A4C-TierUTT Arena 2020Observer
2020-10-18 A4C-Tiervalorant challengeValorant Challenge 2CommentatorNone
2020-10-11 A3B-Tierglx eliteGLX Elite: EUCommentatorNone
2020-10-11 A4C-TierTOURSTAT Summer ClashCommentatorNone
2020-10-04 A3B-TierValorant Contenders CupCommentatorNone
2020-09-20 A5Qualifierglx eliteGLX EU Battle #8Commentator
2020-09-13 A4C-TierBalistik Birthday CupCommentatorNone
2020-09-06 A5Qualifierglx eliteGLX EU Battle #6Commentator