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List of players invited for the closed beta

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Invited Players[edit]

Here is a list of players that were invited for the playtest which took place on March 27th and will have Beta Key Drops enabled on their Twitch livestreams. These players will showcase their prerecorded content on April 3rd.


Player Previous Game(s) Ref
Turkey 1000DAYS PUBG
Ukraine 1mpala Counter-Strike [1]
Turkey AlperBicen Counter-Strike
France AlphaCast Overwatch [2]
Turkey AlpTV Counter-Strike
Germany Amar Fortnite
Germany AnniTheDuck Various
Sweden Anomaly Counter-Strike
Ukraine Archangel Fortnite
United Kingdom Arekkz Various
Finland Arrge Overwatch [3]
Germany aSmoogl Various
Italy Attrix Hearthstone
Denmark Avnqr PUBG [4]
France AzoX Call of Duty [5]
Sweden BananaGaming Counter-Strike [6]
Turkey Berk Rip Tepe Counter-Strike
Sweden BikiniBodhi Rainbow Six
Spain Black Counter-Strike [7]
Russia BlackUFA Various
Russia Bratishkin Various
United Kingdom BreaK PUBG
United Kingdom BrokenMachine Battlefield
Poland byali Counter-Strike
Russia Cake Various
Spain Caramelo Rainbow Six
France Cnd Counter-Strike [8]
United Kingdom Cyanide Various
Sweden Cyrus Various
Czech Republic CzechCloud Hearthstone [9]
United Kingdom Deman Various
Germany Dhalucard Counter-Strike
France Doigby Various
Germany DoktorFroid Overwatch
France Domingo Various [10]
Russia Dread Dota 2
Spain DriD Rainbow Six
Sweden Edberg Various
Norway Emzia Various
Sweden Ettnix Various
Ukraine Evelone Counter-Strike & Fortnite
Poland Ewron Fortnite & Minecraft
Russia Exileshow Fortnite & Counter-Strike
Germany Farbenfuchs Various
Turkey Fei Counter-Strike
Spain Fesbak Various
Sweden Forsen Starcraft II & Hearthstone [11]
Germany Fragstube Counter-Strike
United Kingdom Frankie Counter-Strike
Russia GameLife Overwatch [12]
Turkey gAndhi Counter-Strike
United Kingdom Gaskin Various [13]
Denmark gdolphin Apex Legends [14]
Sweden GeT_RiGhT Counter-Strike [15]
Germany gob b Counter-Strike [16]
Ukraine GodHunt Dota 2
France Gom4rt Various
Spain Goorgo Various
France Gotaga Fortnite & Call of Duty [17]
Italy Hal Apex Legends
United Kingdom Hammeh Various [18]
Germany HandIOfIBlood Various
Germany HighscoreHeroes Various [19]
France HOUNGOUNGAGNE Counter-Strike
Spain Ibai League of Legends
Sweden iddqd Overwatch [20]
Poland Ikusia Various
Portugal Impakt Various [21]
Czech Republic INDIAN Various
Poland innocent Counter-Strike
Poland izak Counter-Strike
United Kingdom JackFrags Various
Turkey Jahrein Various
France Jbzz Fortnite [22]
Austria Kabaji Overwatch
Germany Kalle Various
Sweden Kandis Counter-Strike
Spain kaquka Various [23]
Poland kromkachleba Various
Switzerland Kinstaar Fortnite [24]
Italy Kurolily Various [25]
Germany LaraLoft Various
United Kingdom Leah Various
Spain Leviathan Various
Turkey leylunehar Various
France LittleBigWhale Various
Spain LOLITOFDEZ Various [26]
Poland Lothar Hearthstone [27]
Turkey Lurzy0y0 Counter-Strike
France Lutti Various
Poland Luz Counter-Strike
Denmark Maelk Dota 2
Russia makataO Various
Spain Makina Various
Switzerland Maniac Counter-Strike [28]
Germany Maxim League of Legends
Czech Republic Mazarin1k Various [29]
Spain MethodZSick Various
Sweden Mendokusaii Overwatch & Apex Legends [30]
France Mickalow Overwatch & Fortnite [31]
Austria Miss Rage Various
Turkey Mithrain Various
Spain Mixwell Counter-Strike [32]
France MoMaN Various
Portugal Morais Various
Poland morgenowsky Various
Spain moyorz87 Various
United Kingdom MrDalekJD Various [33]
United Kingdom MrSavage Fortnite
Spain MUITOls Counter-Strike
Spain MusambaN1 Counter-Strike
Sweden Mysca Overwatch [34]
Finland natu Counter-Strike [35]
Poland NEEX Counter-Strike
Germany Nesh Apex Legends & Overwatch [36]
Sweden Noizeeh Fortnite [37]
Germany nookyyy Counter-Strike [38]
Germany Noway4u League of legends
France OgamingLoL League of legends
United Kingdom onscreen Counter-Strike [39]
United Kingdom Onset Apex Legends & Rocket League
Sweden Orb Various [40]
Turkey Panky League of legends
Germany Papaplatte Various
United Kingdom ParadiceCentral Various
Poland pashaBiceps Counter-Strike
Turkey Patcutez Various
Denmark Pengu Rainbow Six [41]
Germany PietSmiet Various
Spain PituHerranz Counter-Strike
France pm Counter-Strike
France Potxeca Overwatch [42]
Italy POW3R Fortnite [43]
Germany RocketBeans Various
Turkey rootthegamer Counter-Strike
Spain Rubius Various
Russia rxnexus Various
United Kingdom RyanCentral Overwatch [44]
United Kingdom Sacriel Various
Poland SAJU Counter-Strike
France Scok Rainbow Six [45]
Russia Sfory Overwatch [46]
France Shaiiko Rainbow Six [47]
Russia Shimoro Various
France shox Counter-Strike [48]
Portugal Shikai Various
United Kingdom SIMMS PUBG [49]
France Sixquatre Rainbow Six [50]
France Skyyart Various [51]
United Kingdom Snedger Various
Germany Solaaaa Various
Sweden Sp4zie Various
Germany Spiidii Counter-Strike
Germany Splatterman Various
Italy Stermy Quake
United Kingdom Stodeh Various [52]
Russia Stopgameru Various
Sweden Stormen H1Z1 & Apex Legends [53]
Italy Streamiii Apex Legends
United Kingdom Stylosa Various
Portugal TaDeNight Various
Turkey targetlocated Various
Denmark Tasty Various
Poland TaZ Counter-Strike
Turkey tecoNe Counter-Strike
Turkey Thaldrin League of Legends
Portugal thetji Various
Italy Terenas League of Legends [54]
Germany TrilluXe Counter-Strike [55]
Germany Trymacs Various
Spain TvJohnson Various
United Kingdom TwoAngryGamersTV Various
United Kingdom TwoSixNine Various
Turkey UNLOSTV Various
United Kingdom Valkia Various [56]
Turkey Videoyun Various
United Kingdom Vikkstar Various
Denmark WackyJacky101 Various
France WankilStudio Various
Spain Winghaven Overwatch & Apex legends [57]
France WiPR Counter-Strike [58]
Turkey wtcN Various
Turkey XANTARES Counter-Strike
Germany Zander Various
Denmark z1ronic Rainbow Six [59]
Germany Zander Various [60]
France ZeratoR Various [61]
Ukraine Zeus Counter-Strike
Germany Zonixx Counter-Strike [62]
France ZywOo Counter-Strike

North America[edit]

Player Previous Game(s) Ref
United States Aceu Counter-Strike & Apex Legends [63]
United States ahad Various [64]
United States ActionJaxon Various
Mexico ALK4PON3 Various
United States Anne Munition Various [65]
United States Avalanche Various
Canada AZK Counter-Strike & Overwatch
Mexico BarcaGamer Various
United States bnans Various [66]
United States brax Counter-Strike [67]
United States brookeab Various [68]
United States Bugha Fortnite
United States CDNThe3rd Various
United States Classify Various
United States Ceez Various [69]
United States cloakzy Fortnite [70]
United States CouRage Fortnite [71]
United States diegosaurs Apex Legends [72]
United States dizzy Apex Legends & Counter-Strike [73]
United States DrLupo Various
United States Do Not Peek Entertainment Various [74]
United States Electra Various [75]
United States Elevate Various
United States emongg Overwatch [76]
United States Ethan Benard Various [77]
United States FemSteph Various [78]
United States FionnOnFire Various [79]
United States fl0m Counter-Strike [80]
United States Froste Various [81]
United States GiantWaffle Various
United States Gale Adelade Overwatch [82]
United States GoldGlove Various
United States GorilaNerd Various
United States Gigz Apex Legends [83]
United States Goldenboy Various [84]
United States HighDistortion Fortnite [85]
United States Hiko Counter-Strike [86]
United States Hush Various
United States Imaqtpie League of Legends
United States Iridium Various [87]
United States Jake'n'Bake Various [88]
Canada Jaomock Fortnite [89]
United States JERICHO Various
United States JonSandman Various
United States Jordan Fisher Various [90]
United States JoshOG Various
United States just9n Rainbow Six & Counter-Strike [91]
United States Kaz Fortnite [92]
United States Kephrii Overwatch [93]
United States KingGeorge Rainbow Six [94]
United States KingRichard Apex Legends & Fortnite
United States LeX Counter-Strike [95]
United States LIRIK Various [96]
United States Tyler1 League of Legends
United States LuluLuvely Apex Legends [97]
United States m0xyyy Various
United States Macaiyla Various
United States Megaman Counter-Strike [98]
Canada missharvey Counter-Strike [99]
United States Myth Fortnite [100]
United States n0thing Counter-Strike [101]
United States Nadeshot Call of Duty [102]
United States Nickeh30 Fortnite
United States NICKMERCS Various
United States NoahJ456 Various [103]
United States POACH Fortnite [104]
Canada Pokelawls Various
Canada Pokimane Various
United States PterodactylsFTW Counter-Strike
United States PVPX Overwatch & Apex Legends [105]
United States Rivington League of Legends
United States RobAJG Various [106]
United States SheriffEli Various
United States SirScoots Counter-Strike
United States Seagull Overwatch
United States ShahZaM Counter-Strike [107]
Canada shroud Various [108]
United States Skadoodle Counter-Strike [109]
United States Stewie2k Counter-Strike
United States Stunna Counter-Strike
United States summit1g Counter-Strike [110]
United States Tennp0 Fortnite [111]
United States TheGodlyNoob Various
United States TheXclusiveAce Various
United States timthetatman Various [112]
United States Travis Gafford League of Legends
United States vivid Fortnite
United States Voyboy League of Legends
United States WarOwl Counter-Strike
United States VyroniQ Various [113]
Canada xQc Overwatch [114]
United States Yassuo League of Legends
United States youroverwatch Overwatch