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Muggle: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2022-09-0413th - 16thA0S-TierVALORANT Champions 2022VALORANT Champions TourVALORANT Champions TourVALORANT Champions 2022EDward GamingEDward Gaming0 : 2Team Liquid$15,000
2022-08-141stA1A-TierVCT 2022: East Asia Last Chance QualifierVALORANT Champions TourVALORANT Champions TourVCT 2022: East Asia Last Chance QualifierEDward GamingEDward Gaming3 : 0On Sla2ers 
2022-07-091stA2B-TierFGC Valorant Invitational 2022: Act 3FGCFGCFGC Valorant Invitational 2022: Act 3EDward GamingEDward Gaming3 : 1KONE 
2022-06-101stA2B-TierFGC Valorant Invitational 2022: Act 2FGCFGCFGC Valorant Invitational 2022: Act 2EDward GamingEDward Gaming3 : 2KONE 
2022-04-081stA2B-TierVALORANT Spring Gauntlet InvitationalVALORANT Spring Gauntlet InvitationalEDward GamingEDward Gaming3 : 0Team Weibo