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Player Information
Dustyn Durnas
Years Active (Player):
2020 - Present
Approx. Total Winnings:
2020-05-20 — 2020-07-03Mattistack
2020-08-25 — 2020-10-06Inferno
2020-10-06 — 2021-03-23Team Heretics
2021-03-23 — 2021-??-??Team Heretics(Inactive)

Dustyn "niesoW" Durnas is a German player who previously played for Team Heretics.

Gear and Settings[edit]

Hardware player submitted (list of)
Razer Viper Mini
Monitor Refresh rate In-game resolution
ZOWIE XL2546 240 Hz 1920×1080
Keyboard Headset
Logitech G PRO TKL (Red Switches) Logitech G PRO X
Last updated on 2020-10-06 (717 days ago).

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2021-03-212ndA1A-TierVCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 MastersVALORANT Champions TourVALORANT Champions TourVCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 MastersTeam HereticsTeam Heretics2 : 3Acend$30,000
2020-12-131stA3C-TierVALORANT Master Series Invitational #2VALORANT Master Series Invitational #2Team HereticsTeam Heretics2 : 0Movistar Riders$3,034
2020-12-101stA2B-TierLVP - Genesis Cup RadiantsLVP - Genesis Cup RadiantsTeam HereticsTeam Heretics2 : 1need more DM$4,613
2020-12-061stA1A-TierFirst Strike EuropeFirst StrikeFirst StrikeFirst Strike EuropeTeam HereticsTeam Heretics3 : 1SUMN FCSUMN FC$40,000
2020-11-281stA2B-TierGameGune 22GameGune 22Team HereticsTeam Heretics2 : 0Giants Gaming$5,981
2020-10-151stA2B-TierLVP - Genesis Cup FuegoLVP - Genesis Cup FuegoTeam HereticsTeam Heretics2 : 0Giants Gaming$1,755
2020-07-055th - 8thA2B-TierTrovo Challenge - EuropeTrovo ChallengeTrovo ChallengeTrovo Challenge - EuropeMattistackMattistack0 : 2nolpenkinolpenki$400
2020-05-241stA3C-TierVALORANT Academy - Europe: Closed Series Week 5VALORANT AcademyVALORANT AcademyVALORANT Academy - Europe: Closed Series Week 5MattistackMattistack2 : 1nolpenkinolpenki$763
2020-05-231stA6WeeklyVALORANT Academy - Europe: Open Series Week 5VALORANT AcademyVALORANT AcademyVALORANT Academy - Europe: Open Series Week 5MattistackMattistack1 : 0Begrip GamingBegrip Gaming$545
2020-05-035th - 8thA2B-TierLVL ClashLVL ClashNONAMERSNONAMERS8 : 13funky team name$221
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